[Case Study] How Did Tiffany Achieve 2x Sales & 15% Yearly Growth with Zipify Pages?

“We went from struggling, trying to figure things out, to prospering.”

   – Tiffany G. 


Help us in welcoming back Tiffany Gardner, the Marketing Director for Java Planet Organic Coffee Roasters! She’s here to update us on her progress since first installing Zipify Pages.


After doubling sales, Tiffany continues to achieve 15% annual growth by combining the power of Zipify Pages with evergreen marketing strategies. 


Over her 2 years of using the app, there are specific features and bonuses she’s grown accustomed to using, including: 


  • Customer service
  • Page creation to publishing time
  • A/B split testing features & design
  • Advanced BFCM strategies (Get our 2022 training now!)


Keep reading to get a full breakdown of her Zipify Pages review.


Why Tiffany Recommends Zipify Pages Over Other Landing Page Builders


Flexibility & Usability


“We first came across Zipify Pages in August of 2020. I was looking for a solution to making landing pages that I could actually change and create at will on Shopify.”


The flexibility and usability of Zipify Pages is constantly evolving. Our templates are more intuitive, the blocks are more dynamic, and the updated builder has made its way to our frontrunners for beta testing. (Apply now to be a frontrunner!


“Recently, we went through a price increase, and going through and changing the price on everything was actually really simple.”

The Java Planet O.C.R. product buy box.

Not only does Zipify Pages make it easy to make quick price adjustments, the flexibility of the templates and page builder allows you to make all kinds of time-sensitive changes — this is especially helpful when meeting 3rd-party software requirements.


“We started using another form of advertising and they had specific things that you had to have in your footer, and in less than an hour, I had that all fixed and set up on our website. I didn’t have to call or pay any expert to do it for me, so that was wonderful.” 

Java Planet O.C.R.'s favorited blocks inside Zipify Pages.Customer Service


“Another reason why I love Zipify Pages is that they have remarkable customer support. They have always helped me, even if it was something that was not actually an issue with the Zipify Pages app… So it is definitely best-in-class customer service.”


Even the customer service side of Zipify Pages has evolved exponentially since Tiffany first installed the app. The team has grown, knowledge-based support is better, and there’s a dedicated onboarding and partnership team for Shopify Plus users. 


Support can be reached by clicking the chat bubble in the bottom-right corner of the screen in-app and on the website, or by emailing help@zipify.com.


Publishing Time


“I love [the time it takes to publish a page] because I can decide to run a sale and put up a special page for that sale in less than an hour.”


As I mentioned, the templates in Zipify Pages have become more intuitive and easier to plug-and-play. From product pages to social giveaway pages, the collection of templates comes from a variety of page designers, including our very own development team and Ambassadors. 


Here are some of the latest templates we’ve added to Zipify Pages, both for general brands and specific niches:


A/B Split Testing Features & Design


“ I really wanted something where I could A/B test, where I could change different elements as I was figuring out what worked for our sales funnels”


At the beginning of 2022, we redesigned and improved the Split Test feature inside Zipify Pages. 


Included in this update was 5 new trackable metrics for split testing: 


  • Sales
  • Adds to Cart
  • Average Order Value
  • Product Revenue 
  • ​​Revenue Per View


See the full split test redesign breakdown here


Ezra’s Black Friday / Cyber Monday Strategy

Ezra Firestone

“I love the content that they provide, especially from Ezra Firestone. I followed his Black Friday Cyber Monday strategy last year somewhat, and we did really well. So this year I am following it to a ‘T’.”


If you’re not familiar with Ezra Firestone, I’ll catch you up! 


Ezra is the Co-Founder of Zipify Apps (Zipify Pages & OneClickUpsell), Smart Marketer (ecommerce education) and BOOM! By Cindy Joseph (ecommerce brand). Each is a 7–8-figure brand that plays an essential part in his ecommerce ecosystem. 


Here’s how it works:


Ezra tests new strategies on his own $165 million business, then he takes what works and shares it with his community at Smart Marketer and builds it into new features for his apps at Zipify.


You can grab some of Ezra’s top strategies for the holiday season in his Black Friday Cyber Monday Training


“He always provides great content, what is working for him in his businesses, and it is done out of just genuinely wanting other businesses to do well. And his strategies are tried and true, so they work.”


“Anyway, if you are considering Zipify Pages, I strongly recommend it. It has definitely been a game changer for our business.” 


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This is Jeff — thanks for reading!


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