New “Lifestyle Brand Homepage” Template Provides an Immersive (and High-converting) Shopping Experience

Your homepage is often the first (and most important) interaction a customer has with your website.


How you present your brand on this page is crucial to capturing a customer’s interest and motivating them to take the next desired action.


At Zipify, we find that the most effective homepages are those that:


  • Elicit emotion 
  • Trigger the senses
  • Promote a sense of community



This is especially true for “lifestyle” brands that are doing more than just selling a product. They’re attempting to embody the values, aspirations and interests of their audience.


And our latest template — the new Lifestyle Brand Homepage — nails those 3 points with a minimally designed layout.


To see how, let’s examine this page section by section. 


The Winnings Elements Behind Zipify’s Lifestyle Homepage Template


Purchase Incentive Banner


One of the best ways to encourage customers to buy is through a purchase incentive — like the free-shipping bar at the top of the template that tells people they can save money by reaching a spending threshold. 


And the teal color on a dark page really makes the section stand out: 

The Lifestyle Homepage template with the free-shipping bar highlighted.

Site Header


Below that we have a simple header


There are only four links, two for products and sales and two for brand story / product education.  


You can add more links if you want, but limiting the number of header options makes the site easier to navigate. 


Plus, presenting your customers with too much information can be overwhelming, and this template is designed to be simple, relatable, and engageable.  

The Lifestyle Homepage template with the navigation bar highlighted.

Hero Image


In this example, the full screen image of the coffee is the key to the entire homepage. 


But no matter what product you sell, this is where you need to make the biggest impression. 


That’s because using a high-quality image that communicates the quality, appeal, and benefits of the product goes a long, long way. 


Just imagine using this same template but for donuts, salad ingredients, or flowers. 


With the right image, customers can practically smell the aromas and taste the flavors you’re offering them!


“Featured By” Section


As you begin scrolling, you’ll see a few images from publications this brand’s been featured in. If you’ve received good press or participated in noteworthy collaborations, this is where you can show off your accomplishments. 

The Lifestyle Homepage template's "featured by" section and Collection block.

3-Product & Bundle Collection Blocks


Next, the 3-Product Collection Block showcases the brand’s top sellers.


You can also use this block to promote a bundle instead, but this template does both — using another Collection Block further down the page to showcase its bundles:

The second collection block of the Lifestyle Homepage template.

Brand Advantages & Testimonials


This section is the perfect place to communicate what makes you special and help your brand stand out against other sellers.


Key points worth highlighting are:


  • Free shipping
  • Materials / ingredients
  • Quality differentiators 


And when you couple these advantages with real-life testimonials, it helps build your customers’ confidence in your brand:

The Lifestyle Homepage template's brand advantages and testimonials sections.

Opt-in Block & Social Media Icons


Then you have a call to action to subscribe to your brand’s email list. 


But this opt-in — in the spirit of a lifestyle brand centered around community — doesn’t talk about its “email list” or its “newsletter”. 


It says “Join The Coffee Club”.


When people read that they know they’re joining a group of like-minded people who love coffee just as much as they do!

The Lifestyle Homepage template's opt-in block and Instagram widget sections.

In addition to email, another great way to get prospects to engage with your brand is through social media icons (above) and this Instagram widget available inside of Zipify Pages.


This block dynamically pulls in your Instagram posts and displays them on-page, making this section more lively with extra engageable content. 


If you run contests or challenges, this is a great location to post your winners! 


(Not sure how to run a challenge? Use the Challenge Opt-in Template 3-Pack from Apple Rose Beauty available inside of Zipify Pages.)


Ready To Switch Over To The Lifestyle Homepage?


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I’m Brittany — thanks for reading!

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