3 New “Online Challenge” Templates: Warm Up Your Audience & Boost Conversions During Black Friday/Cyber Monday (Zipify Pages)

Black Friday/Cyber Monday is on the way!

And if you want a proven technique for warming up an audience before your big sale, then try hosting an online challenge.

Luckily, we’ve got just the person to show you how:

Meet Kristy Alexander. She’s the Founder of Apple Rose Beauty and an expert at using Zipify Pages to host online challenges.

Previously on the blog, we shared how Kristy increased her conversion rate to 2.6x the industry average.

Then, she showed us her pre-holiday strategy to boost engagement using Product Page Templates, Online Challenges, Social & Collaborative Giveaways.

Now, she’s sharing the 3 templates of her 3-Part Online Challenge Opt-in to help you build towards a record-breaking Q4.  

(Template #1) Key Elements Of The Long-Form Opt-In Page

The first template in this challenge is the Opt-in Page.

This is where you pitch the details of the challenge by using conversion-driven content to encourage customers to sign up with their email address.

The most prominent element in this template is the large Opt-in Video Block at the top of the page:

Top half of the Challenge Opt-in Page

Here, challengers can immediately sign up, or they can watch the video to better understand the offer. This video is a great opportunity for you to introduce yourself, the details of the challenge, and the end benefit.

The Challenge Details section is right below the video opt-in block, and it’s great for people who prefer to read the details without watching the video.

Next, there are more conversion-driven elements in the Testimonial and Meet Your Host sections:

Bottom half of the Challenge Opt-in Page

If this is your first challenge then you probably don’t have testimonials about past challenges to put here. Just make sure to provide a way for contestants to leave reviews when the challenge is over!

The Meet Your Host section is a written portion that should include some of the information you already shared in the video above. This is another opportunity to introduce yourself to your challengers and get them to engage.

And at the bottom of the page is one last opt-in block, making it a total of 4 opportunities to join the challenge on just this one page.

(Template #2) The Surprise Mid-Challenger Offer Page

After prospects join your challenge, they’re directed to the Offer Page.

Most people who are accustomed to giving businesses their email expect to see the Thank You page after signing up.  

Instead, the Offer Page appears — somewhat surprisingly — as a reward to the customer for joining the challenge, and guess what…

It boosts sales!

The Offer Page from the online challenge offer templates.

Here, customers are presented with 3 exclusive offers: 2 lower priced offers at the top and a higher priced bundle at the bottom. (It’s essentially a 3-product upsell page before the customer is confirmed for the challenge.)

The challenger can select their desired offer or they can click on the link at the bottom to skip to the next step.

(Template #3) Final Words From The Host On The Thank You Page

The last of the 3 templates is the Thank You Page.

Similar to the Opt-in Page, it begins with an intimate video of the host welcoming the challengers on board:

The Thank You Page from the online challenge offer templates.

This page helps the host build excitement and make the challenger feel like a member of their community. (That’s why we recommend always going with a video over a simple written “thank you”.)

Underneath the video there are additional steps for the challenger to take, including joining the challenge Facebook group and signing up for reminders.

Then they can continue browsing your site, join your mailing list, follow your social media accounts, or share this challenge with their friends!

Ready To Start Your Own Online Challenge?

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I’m Brittany — thanks for reading!

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