2.6x the Industry Conversion Rate?! How “Apple Rose Beauty” Unlocked Scale

“In my industry, the average ecommerce conversion rate is about 3%… Since I’ve been using Zipify Pages… I’ve been able to get an 8% conversion rate.”

-Kristy, Founder of Apple Rose Beauty

A Shopify Brand with a Higher Purpose

Meet Kristy Alexander. 

She’s the Founder and “Chief Big Heart” of Apple Rose Beauty, an organic skincare brand dedicated to helping end human trafficking.

Image of Kristy Alexander

Like most business owners with a higher purpose, Kristy understood the correlation between the success of her business and the impact she could have fulfilling her mission statement. 

In short: the bigger the brand, the bigger the contribution. 

The Key to Scale? The Right Landing Page Builder

In pursuit of this success Kristy tried a few well-known landing page builders, but she didn’t see the results she wanted. She then tried Zipify Pages

Quickly, Kristy learned it was exactly what she was looking for and it would even provide more value than expected:

“[Zipify Pages] works seamlessly with Shopify, so there’s not any coding or any mapping or additional hosting or anything like that… 

We are able to get landing pages up and running within minutes for very simple landing pages… 

It’s also easier for us to make changes and test those changes quickly so we can truly get our pages up and running and really put ourselves in a position to scale.”

Kristy Beats Industry Conversion Rate by 266%

What became most notable to Kristy was the increase in average conversion rate:

“In my industry, the average ecommerce conversion rate is about 3%… Since I’ve been using Zipify Pages and driving traffic from my Facebook ads to Zipfy Pages versus driving them directly to my product page, I’ve been able to get an 8% conversion rate.”

So, what’s her secret to converting almost 3x the number of customers compared to her average competitor?

“I use Zipify Pages for everything that’s an extension of my website.”  

With Zipify Pages, Kristy is able to keep the look and feel of her site consistent across all of her pages while still adding flare when needed.

“I use Zipify Pages to create sales pages, shorter sales pages, to long form sales pages.”

image of long form sales page

“I also use it for my product pages and really optimize that page for conversions. I also use it for simple opt-in pages for giveaways.”

image of product description block

“I’ve really been able to focus customers on the benefits of that particular product and really be able to tell our story in a succinct, manageable way on one page. And I’m grateful to Zipify Pages for the opportunity to do that.”

image of product instructions

“If you’re thinking about using a landing page app, Zipify Pages is really, really top notch. I encourage you to try it out.

I think it’s the best landing page software out there for ecommerce brands that are on Shopify.”

Ready to Try Zipify Pages on Your Store?

Zipify Pages makes it easy to create and publish pages off-site and on-site, such as: sales,  product, and opt-in pages like Kristy’s. 

To see how you can increase the conversion rate on your Shopify store, go here to learn more about Zipify Pages:

Try Zipify Pages


Try Zipify Pages


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