March 2024 Newsletter: 5 New Feature Releases for Zipify Apps


Welcome to our Zipify Newsletter for March 2024.

This has been an exciting month at Zipify, and we’re thrilled to unveil the latest and greatest app updates we made to both OneClickUpsell and Zipify Pages

You can dive even deeper into how these new features can grow your store in the video above, but here are the 5 New Feature Releases for March:




  • Inline text editor for offer builder (with AI)
  • New Upsell on Shop 
  • Multi-product offer limits


Zipify Pages


  • Tech homepage template
  • Board games template


OneClickUpsell’s New Features

1. Customize Your Upsell Copy with Inline Text Editor

This month, we’ve supercharged OCU’s offer builder, empowering you to edit the design and sales copy of your upsell offers directly. This significantly enhances the app’s flexibility, allowing you to tailor your upsell pages to match your brand’s voice and style perfectly. 


For example, now you can shorten lengthy product descriptions or overhaul them entirely to create new offers, like recurring subscriptions or bundles. 


Plus, we’ve integrated OCU’s AI language tool, allowing you to generate high-quality sales copy automatically or even change the tone of voice directly within the builder.

How to Use It:

Simply navigate to OCU’s offer builder, click on the product description, and start editing with the new inline text editor:


You can adjust font styles, sizes, colors, and more. Importing your product description from Shopify is a breeze — just highlight the description element and click the “Import product description from Shopify” button in the editor toolbar.


We’re still rolling out this feature, so if you don’t see it just yet — it’s coming!


Learn more about the Inline Text Editor in this help article.

2. New Shop App Upsell

Thanks to our exclusive partnership with Shopify, now you can display a second upsell when customers review their order from the app’s Order Management Page.


And because OneClickUpsell is natively integrated with Shop, your customers can add this extra item to their existing order in just a few clicks. This doubles the number of upsells you can offer on Shop, so it’s easier to boost your average order value and generate extra cash.


And the best part? There’s zero setup required on your part if you already have Shop enabled! 


And if you don’t have Shop enabled yet, it’s super easy. Just read our latest blog post to see how: OneClickUpsell Just Doubled Your Upsells On Shop!

Set Limits on Your Pre-Purchase Upsells


Responding to a feature request from an OCU Plus user, we’ve added the ability to set a limit on how many products customers can select as part of a free offer on the pre-purchase upsell widget. 


This is a fantastic strategy to encourage customers to add more to their carts, and it’s a great way to increase your AOV before the checkout process completes. But remember — if you try this strategy then the products you offer are free, so make sure you set the limit to 1.


Learn more about the Pre-Purpurchase Upsell Widget in this help article.

What’s New with Zipify Pages

Introducing Two New Templates

In March 2024, we introduced two stunning new templates for Zipify Pages, continuing our commitment to triple the number of templates we release this year. These additions ensure every Zipify merchant has access to cutting-edge designs, regardless of your brand’s niche or market.


For full previews of these templates, please watch the video above.

Zipify Pages Tech Home Page Template

Our new Tech Home Page template is designed for merchants selling electronics and accessories. With the click of a button, it transforms your Shopify store so it resembles the world’s leading tech companies.



Featuring a full-screen callout and high-resolution product images, this template is optimized for mobile and desktop and provides a state-of-the-art shopping experience from start to finish.


Zipify Pages Board Games Template


The Board Games Template taps into the rising D2C trend of board games, combining modern conversion elements with an analog product line. 


This template includes an interactive product carousel and multiples sections for featured games and new releases to engage your shoppers with larger collections.



Scroll down to the bottom and you can add your brand’s origin story, so your customers have a reason to fall in love with your future classics. 


Ready to Scale Your Shopify Store?

These March updates are just the beginning. If you’re not already using OneClickUpsell or Zipify Pages, now is the best time to start. 


Sign up for a risk-free trial today and discover how our apps can help you grow your Shopify store.


Thanks for reading!

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