Try the New AI Upsells for OneClickUpsell!

Exciting news — OneClickUpsell just released our first AI upsells!

Now in just a few clicks, you can leverage artificial intelligence to maximize your upsell revenue and grow your Shopify store.

Our new AI can help find your best-selling upsells, make data-driven suggestions, and create a better shopping experience for your customers.

Note: This feature is currently available to stores with enough sales volume for the AI model to analyze and provide accurate offers. See if your store qualifies by logging into the app!

New Feature: AI Post-Purchase Offers

This new dynamic AI offer makes building winning upsell funnels easier than ever.

Instead of guessing and experimenting to find the best-performing offers, now you can sit back and let our AI algorithm do the work for you.

And the best part?

You only need to set up this offer once, and it optimizes itself:

Generate AI Offer

OneClickUpsell’s new AI learning technology analyzes every product in your customer’s cart, then it generates an intelligent product recommendation to offer as an upsell.

And this is a dynamic offer type — which means that each offer shown will be unique and personalized based on the specific product(s) your customer just purchased:

Dynamic Offer Type View in the OneClickUpsell App

So whether you’re looking to increase your conversion rate — or you just don’t want to manually create custom upsell funnels for every SKU…

Now you can quickly offer smarter, tailored offers that are always relevant and that you know your customers will like.

For instructions on how to add AI offers with OneClickUpsell, click here.

New Feature: AI Split-Testing

The new OneClickUpsell AI is also improving funnel optimization, too.

Now you can split test any of your current post-purchase offers against a new AI-generated offer…

Or you can even split test one AI upsell against another to see which offers and discounts perform the best:

AI Offer Split Test


And it’s easy to keep track of the results in real-time inside the app.

When your test is over, just choose a winner then start a new test and continue optimizing until you find the most profitable upsell possible.

For instructions on how to start an AI split test with OneClickUpsell, click here.

An Easy Win for Shopify Merchants

Even though we just launched AI upsells, they’re already changing the game for Shopify merchants.

Just watch this Case Study with Tiffany from Java Planet:

Tiffany of Java Planet AI Funnel Results

“Implementing the AI funnel was not only quick and simple, but it doubled our revenue from upsells.” — Tiffany, Java Planet

Tiffany launched her first AI upsell in just a couple of clicks — and it doubled her upsell revenue in no time at all!

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