Add 8 New Upsells with the Pre-Purchase On-Page Widget for OneClickUpsell!

Your Shopify Product Page just became the new hub for pre-purchase upsells!

Now you can offer up to 8 additional products right below your native Shopify Buy Box using the new Pre-Purchase On-Page Widget for OneClickUpsell.

Your customers can add these upsells to their cart and even build their own bundles in a single click — making it easier than ever to increase your average order value and sell more products.

And with Black Friday coming up, keep reading to add this new feature to your product pages before the biggest shopping holiday of the year!

The pre-purchase on-page widget displayed inside the Shopify buy box.

This feature is exclusive to Online Store 2.0 Shopify Theme owners — and if you’re not sure what a 2.0 theme is, we’ve got you covered.

Read this help tutorial on the new On-Page Widget for an easy explanation or reach out to our support team and we’d be happy to help you!

Now let’s cover how to add, view, and interact with this new widget.

How to Add the On-Page Widget to Your Product Pages

The new pre-purchase widget has its own section inside the upsell funnel builder, right above the pre-purchase upsell section:

To add this product page widget to your funnel, click on the Add Upsell Offer button under the product page widget section. Then you can choose between building a new offer or copying an already existing offer:

The product page widget offer type pop-up selector inside the OCU funnel builder.

If you create a new offer, you can select up to 8 products to add to your on-page widget. All 8 won’t be on display at once, but there is an option to browse each item through a scrolling action on the product page.

To edit your new offer, click directly on the products in the offer card and a preview will appear where you can make real-time updates to your offer:

The product page widget preview in the OCU page builder.

You can make general updates or work inside the Buy Boxes section to specify product variants, add a discount, and so much more.

You can even update the checkbox colors and text to better match your brand:

The product page widget element editor in the OCU page builder.

When you’re done building your offer, head over to the Shopify Theme Editor where you’ll need to add the OCU Widget to the Product Information section:

The "Widget OCU - Buy area" app block in the Shopify product information section.

You’ll be given a static preview of your offer that updates its location when dragging its place card up and down the sidebar:

The "Widget OCU - Buy area" app block being dragged-and-dropped in the Shopify product information section.

Click save, and watch your new on-page widget start bringing in extra revenue!

Viewing and Interacting With the On-Page Widget

On the live Shopify Product Page, here’s how your new pre-purchase offer widget will look:

How the new pre-purchase offer widget will look on the live Shopify Product Page.

Customers can interact with the widget and able to:

  • Scroll through products
  • Build their own bundles
  • Select different variant combinations
  • Toggle items in and out of their cart

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I’m Brittany — thanks for reading!

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