New Post-Purchase Dynamic Offers: Same Product & Different Variant Upsells (OneClickUpsell)

Big News! 

Now you can offer dynamic upsells on both ends of your checkout thanks to this new feature for OneClickUpsell: 

Post-Purchase Dynamic Offers: Same Product & Different Variant Upsells.

These new upsells make it easier for you to profit from the #1 upsell your brand has to offer… which is more of what they just bought!

Now OneClickUpsell recognizes the item(s) in your customer’s Cart and (based on your preset settings) it automatically selects one item to be the dynamic upsell. You even have the option of upselling that same product in the same or different variant.

Plus, it comes with new benefits you only get with post-purchase upsells — like more images, star ratings and a countdown timer to increase your conversion rate! 

4 Reasons To Try Post-Purchase Dynamic Offers

#1 You can leverage an entire sales page

When offering a pre-purchase upsell, it will appear on your Product Page or Cart page in the form of a pop-up

Unlike the pre-purchase option, this post-purchase variation comes after the initial sale and features an entire sales page dedicated to your dynamic offer: 

The post-purchase offer buy box inside oneclickupsell.

As you can see, you have a full-width buy box to work with and customize in the “above the fold” section of your offer page.

#2 You can add multiple content sections 

The content sections of the post-purchase upsell are possibly the most impactful portion of your offer page. 

This is because you get more real estate to highlight the benefits and features of your product — instead of just relying on a headline and a hero image:

The post-purchase offer content sections inside oneclickupsell.

#3 You can add two buy boxes 

If your customer scrolls right past your first buy box — you can encourage them to reconsider buying by adding a second buy box button to the end of your page:

The post-purchase offer's second buy box inside oneclickupsell.

This is a great way to reduce friction after the customer has viewed the additional content sections

If they’re ready to buy now, this buy box saves them time from scrolling back up when they may consider declining the offer. 

#4 No Re-entering Payment Information 

Because the customer has already entered their payment information during Checkout… 

They can accept your post-purchase dynamic offer seamlessly in a single click:

The post-purchase offer buy button on the published offer page.

With one-click purchases, you can reduce customer friction even more by eliminating the hassle of re-entering their credit card and shipping information.

How to Create A Post-Purchase Dynamic Offer

Start by adding a new Post-Purchase Upsell to any upsell funnel then select the Same product as bought option: 

The post-purchase offer selection popup inside the oneclickupsell funnel builder.

The dynamic offer will now appear inside your funnel, like so: 

The dynamic post-purchase offer card inside the oneclickupsell funnel builder.

Click on it to open the OCU page builder

The dynamic post-purchase offer page inside the oneclickupsell page builder.

 This is where you take advantage of all the features and selling points available for your post-purchase dynamic offer, like:

  • Star Ratings
  • Buy Box Sections
  • Content Sections
  • And a Countdown Timer

SAVE your design when you’re done, then wait a few days to check on your offer’s performance. 

It’s that easy.

When you use OCU’s new dynamic offers, you can personalize each upsell to each individual customer…

And that gives your customers a more personal shopping experience and it gives you a chance at a much higher conversion rate.

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I’m Brittany — thanks for reading!

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