Changing the game for thousands of Shopify stores.

We're innovating every day to create smarter ecommerce tools for growing your business — and for growing our business, too. Because at Zipify, we also run one of the world's top-selling Shopify stores. So when you use our apps, you're supercharging your business with the electric selling power of an entire team of experts. We're a group of ecommerce lovers committed to giving you the best of what's working now, and delivering the industry's #1 customer support.

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Hi I’m Ezra Firestone

But before I was CEO of anything, I was an ecommerce store owner, like you. And I still am. 10 years ago I was moonlighting as an entrepreneur and building my first website. Now, I own one of the world's top-selling Shopify stores (bringing in over $20 million in yearly revenue), and am considered the industry's leading authority in ecommerce. It's pretty mind-boggling. I've always believed in using my knowledge to help other business owners. That's why, through Smart Marketer, I use what I learn scaling my business to produce the industry's top ecommerce content. And it's why I started Zipify.

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Our Team

We’re a distributed team from multiple countries working to make and support amazing software.

Ezra CEO
Dmytro Co-Founder
Oleg Project Manager
Roman Lead Backend Developer
Valerii Lead Backend Developer
Svitlana QA
Chris Lead Designer
Rubin Lead Copywriter
Volodymyr Lead Backend Developer
Steve Customer Relationships
Oleg Frontend Developer
Jeff Senior App Specialist
Kevin Copywriter
Anton Frontend Developer
Brittany Customer Advocate
Oleksandr Frontend Developer
Ashley Project Manager
Yurii Lead Backend Developer
Jeff Content Manager
Vadym Frontend Developer
Dmytro Backend Developer
Oleg QA
Vladislav QA
Dmytro Backend Developer
Jorge Customer Advocate
Karina Customer Advocate
Paul Customer Advocate
Andrii Frontend Developer
Iryna Project Manager
Katya QA
Oleksandr Lead Frontend Developer
Kostiantyn Frontend Developer
Yulia Designer
Volodymyr Frontend Developer
Anna QA
Ivan Frontend Developer
Maxym Frontend Developer
Oleksandr Backend Developer
Taras Frontend Developer
Oleg Backend Developer

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