Smart Marketer was founded in 2012 by Ezra Firestone. With the help of a rapidly-growing team and fueled by Ezra’s years of experience in eCommerce, Smart Marketer creates and publishes eCommerce digital training programs for fellow marketers and business owners.

Ezra Firestone has been working in eCommerce for over a decade, and is thought by many to be the leading eCommerce expert in the world. He is the owner and operator of several seven- and eight-figure businesses, and uses the insight he gains from these business to produce his courses.

Smart Marketer’s courses are praised by the leading professionals in the industry, and cover all the important areas of eCommerce:

  • Content Marketing,
  • Conversion Optimization,
  • Listing Amazon Products,
  • Building a Website,
  • Traffic & Advertising, and More.

The Smart Marketer blog offers free videos each week covering the latest in eCommerce news and events, as well as content on lifestyle and business management.

The Smart Marketer eCommerce Community and Blue Ribbon Mastermind groups provide coaching in all areas of marketing and eCommerce. This is where business owners go to stay on the forefront of what’s working now in the industry, and where professional can find a sense of community in the world of eCommerce and digital marketing.

In 2016, Smart Marketer established Zipify, a company focused on developing Shopify eCommerce applications. Through Zipify, Smart Marketer uses its expertise in marketing, eCommerce and the Shopify platform to create applications to help Shopify store owners grow their businesses.