Shopify Plus merchants:

Increase sales 10-15% with pre-purchase & post-purchase upsells.

  • 16.2% average conversion rate
  • $1.5 billion+ in processed orders
  • Templates tested & proven by $100 million Shopify store
  • One Click Upsell is a Shopify Plus Certified App Partner

OneClickUpsell Statistics:


Total OCU Downloads

$ 586,340,000

Total Additional Revenue Generated


Average Upsell Offer Conversion Rate

Exclusive features for OCU Plus users:

Done-for-you Setup

Our team of OCU specialists will personally build your upsell funnels for you.

Concierge Management

Grow your upsell revenue with your own personal Account Manager.

Priority Support

Jump the line with live chat from our amazing team of Shopify experts.

Plus Exclusive Access

To enterprise-grade features only available when you join OCU Plus!

What Shopify Plus Merchants Are Saying About OneClickUpsell

How One-Click Upsells Work

1. Checkout Page

Your customer completes their initial order, so you never lose a sale...

2. Offer Page

Then OCU redirects them to a post-purchase offer page with customizable upsells...

3. “Thank You” Page

And they add products to their order with a single click. You just increased your average order value!

Adds 10–15% more sales to your Shopify Plus store

On average, OCU Native users increase sales 10–15% immediately after installing the app. We make it easy for Plus+ merchants to offer pre- and post-purchase upsells, so your team can add the perfect sales funnel to every product. Our users have already made an extra $100+ million in revenue with OCU!

See How It Works

With One-Click Functionality

Now you can maximize your average order value during the entire sales process with a range of flexible offers:

  • Pre-purchase (in-cart) bundles & upgrades
  • Post-purchase upsells & downsells
  • Thank you page upsells
  • All easily customized and added to their order with a single click

OCU Plus Exclusive Features

You get tons of over-the-top special treatment when you join OCU Plus — like our free onboarding services where we personally build your upsell funnels for you…

And your own account manager for ongoing optimization so you’re always making the most revenue possible. Plus, you get priority technical support from our team of 50+ software developers!

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OneClickUpsell Is Now Available For Shop!

We’re excited to announce our new partnership and integration with Shop, the mobile shopping app by Shopify.

OneClickUpsell users are now the first and only merchants on Shop who can offer post-purchase upsells!

Activate OneClickUpsell on your Shop store for free, and start upselling 100 million+ engaged shoppers.

Discover OCU for Shop

Native Integration With Shopify Plus

OCU was co-developed by Shopify and integrates natively with Shopify’s checkout, so all sales go securely through Shopify Payments or a wide variety of 3rd-party credit card processors — including ShopPay and PayPal Express.

Increase Campaign Performance

With accurate data and tracking you never lose leads or sales.

Save Time & Energy

With all your inventory at your fingertips, creating upsells is a breeze.

Use Shopify's Reliable Checkout

No 3rd-party payment processors: all sales go through Shopify.

Try at no risk with OCU’s 30-day free trial on the Shopify App Store.

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See why OCU is the #1 upsell tool on the Shopify App Store.

One-click functionality

Customers can add more products, upgrades & upsells easily with one click — no need to repeat checkout or re-enter information.

PayPal & Shop Pay

OCU uses Shopify Payments or any supported 3rd-party credit card processors including Shop Pay & PayPal Express.

No coding or dev required

You don’t need special training to win with OCU: any team member can launch an upsell funnel in under an hour — or we can set them up for you.


All of our page templates have been conversion tested for mobile devices on one of Shopify’s biggest stores.

Split testing

Run unlimited split tests to optimize your upsells. Test products, discounts, creative, design, and more.

Lightweight Javascript

OCU’s footprint is smaller than the competition to minimize load times and keep your store lightning fast.

Unlimited upsells

Unlike other upsell apps, you are not charged based on how many people see your offers.

Dependable servers

OCU has processed over $1.5 billion dollars in sales, so you know that your store is in good hands.

World-class support

With in-app chat, our savvy team of Shopify experts is always just a click away. Ask us anything!

Leverage Upsells at every stage of the Sales Cycle

With flexible offers available pre-purchase, post-purchase and on the Thank You Page, you can build the perfect upsell funnel for every product on your store (we'll even set them up for you).

Pre-Purchase Upsells

Offer complementary products, product upgrades and product bundles right from the cart page. Many stores are seeing a $3 increase per offer view!

“In our recent six-figure launch, we had a 12.5% conversion rate on our pre-purchase upsell offer... Zipify OneClickUpsell is definitely a game changer!”

– Club Early Bird

Post-Purchase Upsells

Choose multiple upsells and downsells based on product, specific variants, or store-wide collection. Our upsells have a stellar 16.2% conversion rate!

“We had a 24% take rate on our post-purchase offer and brought in an extra $1.50 per visitor using OneClickUpsell. Overall its adding about $9 in extra revenue per visitor, and thats been huge!”

– Club Early Bird

Thank You Page Upsells

Boost your order value even more by adding one-click upsells on your customers’ Order Details pages. Convenient for them, and an average of $18.60 per upsell for you!

“We’re converting an extra 5% of prospects by simply making an additional, non-intrusive offer on our thank you page. It’s amazing!”

– BOOM! By Cindy Joseph
Risk-Free Guarantee

30-day free trial

OneClickUpsell comes with a 30-day free trial in the Shopify App Store. If for any reason you are not delighted with the app, simply delete it before the 30-day free trial expires and you won’t be charged... No questions asked!

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Leverage Upsells at Every Stage of the Sales Cycle


sales increase immediately


ROI on the cost of their subscription

*Data based on over $1.8 billion total orders processed and $135 million in extra revenue made for our users.

Try the all-new OCU Plus

Done-for-you funnel setup, continuous optimization, & a dedicated upsell expert to help you grow your revenue

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What Shopify Plus Merchants Are Saying About OneClickUpsell

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Frequently Asked Questions


I'm on Shopify Plus and have edited my checkout.liquid file. Will Javascript, CSS or liquid customizations I've added work on the post-purchase offer page(s)?

No. Code customizations applied to the checkout.liquid file will not be inherited by the post-purchase page(s).

Does OCU work with a "headless" Shopify Plus build and implementation?

Yes and no. OCU post-purchase and TY Page offers will work with a headless implementation, since they're an extension of Shopify Checkout. Pre-purchase offers won't work though, as that offer type can only be triggered on a Shopify storefront.