Choosing the Shopify Landing Page Builder & Tools That are Right for Your Business

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If you’re looking for the best Shopify landing page builders and other tools to build out your ecommerce store, you’ve come to the right place.

Gone are the days when you had to hire developers to build your pages. In fact, today there are so many landing page tools that integrate with Shopify that it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which one will work best for your business!

That’s why we created this list to help you narrow down the best landing page builders and marketing tools for your unique store.

We’ve tested all the tools in this list, and we still use many of them today. So when we make a recommendation, we speak from experience. Our criteria for making these recommendations is to find the tools that are…

  • Effective
  • Easy to Use
  • Not Overpriced

And, it should go without saying, they all have to integrate with Shopify (and with our Zipify apps).

Sound good to you? Then read on to discover the best Shopify landing page builders and tools for your ecommerce store.

Best Shopify Landing Page Builder: Zipify Pages

When it comes to building web pages for your Shopify store, you have a few choices:

  • You could code them yourself. This gives you total control, but it also requires knowing how to…you know…code! For this to be an option, you’d need to master the ins and outs of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and other online programming languages.
  • You could hire a designer and developer to build them for you. This is a great option, if you can afford it…but the downside is that it’s expensive! It can also be a time-consuming process with a lot of back-and-forth required before you get the page to look the way you want.
  • You could use a landing page builder. Page builders give you a quick and easy way to build any kind of page you want. The problem with most page builders is that they don’t integrate with your Shopify store—which means you have to deal with confusing plugins, subdomains, and skewed analytics.

Not a lot of great options, are there?

That’s why we created Zipify Pages, a landing page builder that integrates seamlessly with your Shopify store.

Not only do you get the benefit of building pages quickly and easily, but you also get access to an entire library of ecommerce page templates that have been designed according to conversion best practices. Each and every template has been tested and proven to be effective on real 7- and 8-figure ecommerce stores.

From there, once you choose a template, it’s easy to customize the page to your needs using our simple drag-and-drop editor:

In no time at all you can add powerful conversion elements like countdown timers, video players, one-click lightboxes, and even set up mobile-only pages and A/B split tests.

We also make it easy to integrate with Google Analytics and get an overview of your performance in one convenient place…without having to grab little snippets of data from multiple locations. This makes it easy to see important metrics like your revenue, conversion rate, and average order value:

Okay, so we’re (obviously) a little biased here. But we wouldn’t be selling Zipify Pages if we weren’t 100% convinced that it’s the absolute best Shopify landing page builder out there.

Best Shopify Popup/Exit Intent Tool: OptinMonster

One of the most valuable resources for any ecommerce store is an email list full of interested prospects and buyers. And one of the most valuable tools for building that list is a good popup/exit intent tool that can display a relevant opt-in message to your visitors at the perfect time.

We recommend OptinMonster. It can do just about anything you’d want—from displaying opt-in forms to targeted offers with countdown timers—all for a super-reasonable cost.

It also has exit intent technology, which is one of our recommended landing page elements. Here’s a quick video showing exit intent in action:

The fact is that most of your website visitors will NOT buy your product on their first visit. But if you can use a popup like this to snag their contact information, you can continue to nurture and follow up with them until they’re ready to make a purchase.

Other recommendations:

If OptinMonster sounds just a bit too monstrous for your taste, give OptiMonk a chance. It offers many of the same features at a similar price-point.

Best Shopify Customer Reviews Widget: Stamped

Customer reviews are one of the single most important conversion elements for any ecommerce store. The credibility they lend to your product creates trust in shoppers and can have a strong impact on the purchase behavior of your visitors.

(Read more about how to leverage customer reviews to increase your sales.)

Fortunately, with a tool like Stamped it’s easier than ever to leverage customer reviews on your product pages. It’s the same tool Purple Mattress uses to gather and display their 13,780+ reviews:


Stamped offers a wealth of different options and integrates directly with Shopify, making it a great choice for your ecommerce store. With Stamped you can import reviews from multiple sources, moderate your online reviews, and request reviews (through email, Messenger, and/or SMS) from shoppers after they make a purchase.

Online reviews are a critical component of any successful ecommerce store, so this is one tool we highly recommend you invest in. The sooner you start collecting reviews, the sooner you can start leveraging them to grow your sales.

Other recommendations:

Yotpo and Loox are two other customer reviews widgets worth taking a look at. Yotpo is the oldest and most well-known option…but it’s also expensive, which is what keeps it from getting our top recommendation.

Best Shopify Live Chat Tools

Ideally, the copy and images on your product page will be enough to answer all your shoppers’ questions. But in reality, that’s not always the case. There will always be some people who are going to want a little more information before they plunk down their credit card and buy your product.

For those situations, live chat is an invaluable conversion tool.

The best thing about live chat is that it provides instant answers for your shoppers. Sure, they could send you an email with all their questions…but it could take hours or days for them to get your reply. By that time, they may have forgotten about your product and may no longer be interested.

But with live chat, you can engage with your shoppers in the moment and help guide them toward making a purchase without leaving your website:

(Learn more about why live chat is considered a landing page best practice.)

There are a lot of options here:

In our opinion, there’s no clear-cut winner. They’re all good tools, with some pros and cons depending on how you want to use them.

Intercom is one of the biggest players in this space. Their tool is top-notch, and offers everything you’ll need to provide live assistance to your shoppers. One quirk about Intercom, however, is that they break their service up into 3 separate tools—which can make it a more complicated (and expensive) option, depending on which features you need.

Drift is a live chat tool that’s oriented toward making sales. Drift has skyrocketed in popularity, and its pricing structure is a lot simpler than Intercom. Definitely worth a look.

Zendesk, by comparison, is a little different because it’s intended less as a sales tool and more for customer support. It’s a great option if your main concern is customer service.

Best Shopify Upsell Widget: Zipify OneClickUpsell

One-click upsells are a fantastic way to increase your average order value. The way they work is simple: after a customer completes a purchase on your website, you redirect them to a page offering a one-time offer on a complementary product.

It’s the online equivalent of asking someone, “Would you like fries with that?” when they order a hamburger.

If you want to increase revenue from your sales, we highly recommend OneClickUpsell.

With OneClickUpsell, you can quickly add 10–15% to your revenue by offering relevant post-purchase upsells on your Shopify store.

As soon as your visitor makes a purchase, they’ll see an offer page like this:

As the name implies, this is a one-click upsell. Which means the visitor will NOT have to enter their payment details again (because you already collected that information during the initial purchase). All they have to do is click “Add to Order” and the purchase is made.

Easy peasy.

This is a low-friction way to help you wring maximum profit from each and every sale.

And, to help you increase your average order value even more, OneClickUpsell just added pre-purchase upsells so you can make additional upsell and cross-sell offers right from the cart page.

Oh, and because it’s a Zipify app, OneClickUpsell integrates seamlessly with Shopify and Zipify Pages…which makes it incredibly simple to put this powerful strategy into practice on your ecommerce store.

Best Shopify Email Service Providers

To win at ecommerce, you absolutely must use email marketing. It’s not even optional. Email is the best way to keep in touch with your audience, to nurture prospects, and to generate repeat purchases from your previous customers.

The really awesome thing about email marketing is that once you get somebody to join your email list, you can continue to follow up with them…essentially for free! (Unlike platforms like Facebook, where you have to pay for every impression.)

This is the biggest reason why many marketers agree that email delivers the best ROI out of any marketing channel:


So, which email service provider should you use?

The good news is that you have a LOT of choices. Here are some of the better email providers out there for Shopify stores:

If you’re already entrenched on one of these platforms, you’re better off staying put unless you have a really compelling reason to switch.

If you don’t currently have an email marketing solution, here are a few of our recommendations:

Klaviyo is designed specifically for ecommerce, making it a great choice for your Shopify store. It’s not the cheapest option out there, but with advanced reporting and automation, all built for online stores, it’s well worth the cost for anyone who’s ready to invest in better email marketing.

ActiveCampaign is another strong choice. It scales with your business and offers advanced segmentation and automation so you can send the right message to the right person at the right time.

AWeber is one of the oldest email marketing providers, dating all the way back to 1998. It may not have the most sophisticated features, but it’s reasonably priced and has always boasted good deliverability.

MailChimp is one of the most well-known names in email marketing. Until recently, Shopify offered a MailChimp app that allowed users to create targeted email campaigns…but a recent break-up has put an end to that, making the MailChimp/Shopify integration a little less seamless.

Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) just may be the most powerful tool in this list. Unfortunately, it’s also infamously complicated and has a steep learning curve. Give it a try if you need something really powerful, just be aware that it may take you some time to get the hang of it.

No matter which way you go, here’s some good news: all of the email marketing providers in this list integrate seamlessly with Zipify apps.

Best Shopify Facebook Messenger Marketing/Chatbot Tool: ManyChat

If you’re paying attention to the latest marketing trends, one thing you may have noticed is the meteoric rise of a brand-new marketing channel: Messenger/chatbot marketing.

It’s an exciting new channel with open and click-through rates that are multiples higher than they are for email:


You can use Messenger marketing to do just about anything that email marketing can do, such as provide customer service, promote sales, provide order confirmations, and much more.

And unlike email, you can build out chatbots that respond to common questions with premade responses—allowing you to create custom flow experiences and automate the answering of common questions.

If you want to be an early adopter on this promising new channel, we recommend getting started with ManyChat. It’s a fantastic tool that’s free to start and boasts an ever-growing list of useful features.

Like their Flow Builder, which makes building your chatbot easier and more intuitive than ever:


It’s a great way to keep in touch with your customers and prospects using the communication channel they prefer, which is messaging apps.

Best Shopify Video Hosting Tool: Wistia

Product videos are an essential part of any well-designed ecommerce landing page. But simply having a video file isn’t enough. To show that video on your website, you need a video hosting tool.

There are a couple good options here. If you’re just getting started, YouTube is a perfectly good hosting service that’s 100% free to use. A lot of highly successful ecommerce companies—including the likes of Boosted Board, Purple Mattress, and Poo-Pourri—use YouTube to host their product videos.

But if you’d like to leverage more advanced video marketing features, you’re going to want to give Wistia a try. Wistia offers greater customization and advanced video marketing features, such as:

  • A custom video player featuring your logo and brand colors
  • Integrated analytics to see how people are engaging with your videos
  • Built-in A/B testing to compare the impact of two different videos
  • Integrations with popular CRMs and email service providers

Wistia even allows you to embed interactive tools like email gates and calls-to-action, right inside your video:

So it really comes down to your business needs. Choose YouTube if you’d benefit more from the discoverability of having your video hosted there. Choose Wistia if you’d benefit more from having access to more advanced tools and customization features.

Other recommendations:

While most ecommerce companies prefer YouTube or Wistia, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Vimeo as a solid alternative. Vimeo is somewhere in the middle of the pack: it offers more custom features than YouTube, but is less expensive than Wistia.

Best Shopify Website Customer Feedback Tool: Hotjar

Optimizing and improving the performance of your Shopify store is a never-ending project. You should always be striving to make sure your website is as simple and easy to use as possible, because if your visitors become confused or frustrated, chances are good they’ll leave without making a purchase.

Fortunately, Hotjar offers a suite of tools you can use to gain insights into how people are interacting with your website—which you can use to improve your site and grow your sales.

You can set up heatmaps which tell you where people are clicking on your page:

Or scrollmaps, which show you how far people scroll down the page before leaving:

You can set up on-page polls that solicit feedback from your users on certain pages:

You can even record your visitors’ sessions and watch exactly how people are navigating your site!

To sum it up, Hotjar is a versatile tool that gives you half a dozen ways to learn more about your visitors. It’s easy to use, and can reveal some priceless insights that can have a real impact on your bottom line.

Best Shopify Split-Testing Tool: Zipify Pages

In a nutshell, split-testing is the process of testing one page against another to find out which one works better to convert visitors into customers.

It’s one of the most powerful strategies out there for improving the conversion rates on your Shopify store.

In the past, this had to be done through an external tool (see VWO and Optimizely under “Other recommendations”), which involves using scripts and other technical workarounds to make sure all your platforms are integrated. These third-party tools can also be expensive, costing upwards of several thousand dollars per year.

Well, we’re happy to say there’s now a better solution. If you’re using Zipify Pages (our best Shopify landing page builder from earlier in this article), you’ll have split-test capabilities built right in—no more cobbling together a test using multiple pieces of software that may or may not play nice together.

To get started, just click on the “Split Tests” tab inside Zipify. You’ll see a list of all your current split-tests, along with an option to easily start a new test. Here’s a quick overview of how it works:

It’s faster, easier, and MUCH less expensive than signing up for a separate split-testing tool.

And you also use OneClickUpsell, you can even split-test your upsells! To get an idea of how BOOM! by Cindy Joseph is using this feature to increase their average order value, check out these 4 split-tests to try with OneClickUpsell.

Other recommendations:

If you’re not using Zipify Pages, then Optimizely and Visual Website Optimizer are still great options for setting up split tests. Just be aware that they’ll probably cost at least a few hundred dollars per month, and will require some technical setup to get them working.

It may sound like a lot of work, but it’s a small price to pay for better conversion rates, increased sales, and higher order values.

Best Shopify Referral Marketing Tool: ReferralCandy

Customer referrals can be one of the most valuable forms of marketing there is. But because you have to ask for them consistently, they remain a missed opportunity for many companies.

According to one source, 91% of customers would be willing to give referrals…yet only 11% of companies actually ask for them.

That’s why you might want to give ReferralCandy a try. This online tool automates the process of asking for and incentivizing referrals. It integrates with your Shopify store, and you can choose from many different rewards to motivate your customers—such as a percentage discount, a dollar discount, cash, or a custom gift.

Then you can use their editor to build a simple landing page encouraging your customers to share your product with their friends, family, and followers:

Finally, you can set up ReferralCandy to automatically ask for the referral at just the right time with programmable widgets and popups.

Get Out There And Sell!

If you missed any of the previous sections, or if you want to go back and review, here’s a summary of everything we’ve covered so far:

This guide contains all of the most effective strategies we’ve learned after years of helping ecommerce owners to grow their sale while also running our own 8-figure Shopify stores. Bookmark these pages, refer to them often, and most importantly…

Implement what you’ve learned on your Shopify store!

The faster you take action, the faster you can iterate on what you’ve done to improve more and more over time. So get to work, and remember that here at Zipify we’re dedicated to helping you build a better, more profitable Shopify store.

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