Pre-Holiday Engagement Boosters: Product Page Templates, Online Challenges, Social & Collaborative Giveaways (Zipify Pages)


“[Zipify Pages] has really, really helped me to quickly launch different campaigns, and different events for my business.”

      – Kristy Alexander, Founder of Apple Rose Beauty.


Join us in welcoming back Kristy Alexander, Founder and Chief Big Heart of Apple Rose Beauty.


When we first introduced Kristy, she told us how she unlocked scale by generating 2.6x the industry conversion rate using Zipify Pages. 


This time, Kristy joins us to share how she’s building customer engagement and excitement right before the busiest time of year: Q4 (aka, Holiday Season). 


Watch the video above or continue reading to learn how you can replicate her Q4 strategy by using: 


  • Product Page Templates
  • Online Challenges
  • Social Giveaways
  • & Collaborative Giveaways


Leveraging Product Pages for Engagement


“One of the things I really, really love about Zipify Pages is that in addition to creating wonderful landing pages or sales pages, I can create amazing product pages.”


Inside Zipify Pages, there’s more than 14 pre-built product page templates to choose from, including templates for specific industries like:


Product Page Templates inside Zipify Pages

As Kristy puts it, these templates are “jam-packed” with conversion-proven, customizable elements that help turn visitors into customers.


“They added product pages… and it has been a game changer for us. [Zipify has] looked at what really causes conversions and the elements that really lend themselves to better conversions.”


Within the dynamic buy box alone, Kristy can add, remove, or customize the: 


  • Image Carousel
  • Star Rating
  • Competitive Advantage Icons
  • Countdown Timer
  • Size Chart
  • Cross-Sell Section
  • FAQ/Accordion
  • Mobile Sticky Button (and more!)

Apple Rose Beauty Buy Box Screenshot

There are over 100 blocks that can be tailored to meet different goals and objectives that go way beyond the conversion metric — giving Kristy unlimited page building power. 


“I love the ability to add elements like video, customer reviews, and really kind of play around with it in a seamless and quick way”


Kristy can create pages that appeal to the eye while building intrigue through her content and high-quality images.

Apple Rose Beauty Challenge Page Content

This is a great way to create additional engagement with customers as they spend more time on the page. 


And to ensure her pages are performing as desired, Kristy performs split tests to know for sure which has the greater value. 


“That’s one of the things I really love… the flexibility to change things quickly and to test quickly.”


To learn more about split testing, visit the Zipify Pages: Split Testing (A/B) help documentation prepared by our support team.


Online Challenges: Engagement & Education


“We do several online challenges throughout the year to engage customers, to educate customers on our skincare products and on skincare in general. And we use Zipify Pages for all of those challenges.”


Online Challenges are a great way to engage with customers, get feedback, provide education, promote new products, and make sales. 


Using Zipify’s pre-built opt-in page templates, Kristy created entire “Challenge Funnels” that included an opt-in page, offer page, and thank you page. 


We loved her challenges and the design so much, we asked her to share them with our users and thankfully — because she’s awesome — she said yes


Take a look at the opt-in page to get a sense of the quality that you, just like Kristy, can deliver to your customers: 

Apple Rose Beauty Opt In Page Template inside Zipify Pages

(Offer page & Thank You page not shown) 


The best part is, you get the entire funnel — that’s all 3 pages needed to run an organized and successful challenge right in time for the holidays. 


All you have to do is plug-in your own business and product information and set it live!


“We often use it for events, so whether it’s around Valentine’s or around Christmas, or whether we have a special promotion going on around a particular event, we use it.”


Individual & Collaborative Social Giveaways

1. Individual Social Giveaways


Kristy uses Zipify Pages many different ways to boost engagement, including Giveaways. 


“The ability to create giveaways, the ability to also add our social media onto the giveaway page… we really get the most engagement from customers.”


Using a similar opt-in method to her Challenges, Kristy is able to collect emails for both current and future engagement. 

The Video Giveaway Social Promotion Template inside Zipify Pages

(Video Giveaway Social Promotion Template)


As Kristy continues to build her email lists, she can reach out to more and more leads as the holiday season approaches, lowering ad costs and increasing her chances to improve sales.


Plus, these giveaways are a great way to get visibility on your customers’ social media pages without having to pay for advertising. 


“We can also give them additional entries if they do certain actions, whether it’s on social media or share it in their email or on their page or make comments, all of that.”


2. Collaborative Social Giveaways


“So we’ve partnered with other brands to create massive joint giveaways that we can actually use to share our audiences and also to build momentum with our brands.”


Collaboration between brands happens very often and across every industry you can think of. 


When two popular or reputable businesses collaborate on a project or release, it creates buzz and excitement amongst both audiences that continues to build. 


This is the type of momentum that helps lead to record-breaking quarters. 


“Particularly going into the fourth quarter is when we kind of use that strategy and I really love the ability to do that on Zipify pages.”


Pro Tip: Have a brand you want to collaborate with? Create a mock-up page in Zipify Pages and share it with them. That way, they can see the quality of your pages, which you can update at any time without a developer. 


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