Facebook Ads Funnels: How Tradlands Cut Dev Time and Increased Sales by 69%

Facebook Ads Funnels: How Tradlands Cut Dev Time and Increased Sales by 69%

The time it takes to go from idea to revenue can make or break your business.

So Jeremy Roberts of Tradlands.com found a way to launch new campaigns faster, cutting dev time from over a week to under a day while also increasing sales by 69%.

Check out our new blog post to see how he did it.


Tradlands (pronounced Tradelands) specializes in high-quality essentials for women inspired by classic menswear.

When Jeremy and his wife first launched their business, they went for a viral marketing approach, using two core strategies for customer acquisition: influencers and email marketing.

They contacted fashion bloggers, developed a relationship, then used the influencers’ audiences to promote their brand.

This worked well and allowed Tradlands to grow, but Jeremy knew that scale would depend on more than just influencers.

Since they had products that customers were looking for (and the sales to prove it), all that was left was to get more eyes on their offers.

Jeremy knew that the solution was to master paid advertising, so he started marketing his products using Ezra Firestone’s digital ads training, Traffic MBA.


After learning to run ads, he hired a team to help him create the landing pages for his campaigns. What he found, however, was that for every idea he wanted to test, he’d spend at least a week going back and forth with his team on the design, content and publication of the page.

Jeremy still got decent results, but he wasn’t happy with the long turnaround times (only to find that the page often underperformed).

Then as luck would have it, Jeremy was at an event where Zipify CEO Ezra Firestone was showcasing his new ecommerce landing page builder, and he knew this was exactly what he needed.

With Zipify Pages in hand, Jeremy went to work testing new versions of his Pre-sell Engagement Pages and his Long-form Offer Pages. He would use heat maps to determine where people were falling out of the funnel, then use Zipify Pages’ easy-to-use editor to move around page elements to see how he could increase sales.

Now Jeremy had everything he needed to see Tradlands scale: His Facebook ads were directing to his Pre-sell Engagement Page and acquiring front-end customers…

And for those that didn’t purchase right away, they could opt in to a pre-purchase email sequence that mixed content emails with offers for popular products.


Jeremy and his team found a drastic reduction in dev time for testing new offers — cutting the time it took to launch new campaigns from over a week to under a day…

As well as a 69% lift in sales by using Facebook ads with Pre-sell Engagement Page and a Long-form Offer Page.

“We could put all the pertinent info on the page,” says Jeremy, “rather than in the ad or email. We’d simply link to our Long-form Offer Page and have everything there.”

And because he’s now able to build and optimize pages faster, Jeremy can test new ideas quicker to find out if they’ll resonate with his market and provide the returns he’s looking for.

“What we’re doing now is having an idea, generating the page from the available templates, and have the page up in less than a day,” says Jeremy.

If you’d like to learn more about Tradlands, visit Tradlands.com. You’ll be able to see Zipify Pages in action, as well as some high-quality clothing that you’re sure to enjoy.

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