New Jewelry Templates: The Jewelry Winning Homepage & Jewelry Product Page (Zipify Pages)

Do you sell jewelry online?

If you do, then you aren’t just competing with popular designer brand websites — but local, brick & mortars too…

That’s why it’s important to have an online store that looks and performs like a high-end retailer’s.

To help Zipify users who sell jewelry compete with more recognizable brands, we created two new templates:

  • The Jewelry Winning Homepage
  • The Jewelry Product Page

Keep reading to see these new designs!

The Jewelry Winning Homepage Overview

Above the fold view of the The Jewelry Winning Homepage.

When the customer lands on this page, they’re met with a conversation about the quality, beauty and name recognition of your products.

The standalone logo section generates brand awareness, making it easier for your customers to identify your brand’s other pages, products and partnerships.

Below the logo is the BOOM Store Header block (formerly Dynamic Header), an easy-to-navigate header with optional drop-down sub-headers and customizable elements. Plus, this header will stick to the top of the page as your customers scroll the page.

Next, there’s a large image block that minimizes the task of reading and lets the product speak for itself. The purpose of this section is to get your customer to view more products for purchasing.

Underneath is a row for the logos of brands you may be offering on your store. As always, all the blocks inside Zipify Pages can be removed from the page if it doesn’t fit your brand.

Conversion-Proven Elements Displayed Below The Fold

If the customer doesn’t click on the first opportunity to see more products, they’re shown “The Best Collection” of jewelry to encourage them to view these instead.

Using the Collection Block, this is where you can pitch your most-popular, most-discounted or higher-priced products to communicate the range of your offers:

The Best Collection block from the Jewelry Winning Homepage.

The following sections teach customers more about your products, brand guarantees, and customer reviews:

Conversion-proven elements from the Jewelry Winning Homepage.

At the bottom, customers can use the on-page opt-in block to leave their email for future marketing and promotions through incentivized discounts.

Plus, customers can connect and engage with you on social through any of the 35 social icons available in the Social Button Element block:

The email opt-in and social buttons on the Jewelry Winning Homepage.

The Jewelry Product Page Overview

Above the fold view of the Jewelry Product Page template.

The Jewelry Product Page has a very similar design to the Jewelry Winning Homepage, except for a few different blocks used to emphasize a featured product rather than the entire catalog or specific collection.

At first glance, the buy box takes up about 80% of the page — that’s because the #1 goal of this page is to sell the product.

Using our popular Dynamic Buy Box, you can enhance your offer with an image carousel, size chart, cross-sells and FAQ section. If you go deeper into these settings, you can customize the entire look of this block however you like.

Conversion-Proven Elements Shown Below The Fold

Below the dynamic buy dox, there is a section for related products that can be leveraged to make additional sales and increase the average order value of your store.

Using the same Collection Block used on the Homepage, customers can see other products in your store without having to visit another page, making it more convenient to browse.

"Related Products" section from the Jewelry Product Page template.

As customers continue to scroll, they’ll see familiar blocks from the Jewelry Winning Homepage.

This consistency and familiarity helps to emphasize your message through product awareness, product diversity, brand guarantees, and social networking:

Conversion-proven elements from the Jewelry Product Page template.

Brand and Product guarantees and the social icon element block from the Jewelry Product Page template.

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I’m Brittany — thanks for reading!

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