2 New Lead Generation Templates We Used to Capture 25K Emails (Zipify Pages)

Believe it or not, even in a world filled with ads and social media, email marketing continues to be one of the most powerful and cost-effective communication channels. 

What are some of the key benefits of email marketing? It allows you to:

  • Start a dialogue with new subscribers
  • Keep current customers engaged with your brand 
  • Generate a high ROI from your campaigns (since you market to your list at almost no cost)
  • Leverage an alternative to paid ads (this is especially valuable after a big platform update, or during the holidays when ad costs are through the roof) 

The challenge, of course, is getting your hands on those email addresses to begin with! That’s why it’s so important for every brand to have at least one lead generation funnel in place to help grow their list.

For our $125 million Shopify store, one of our favorite ways to get new leads is with a lead magnet: this is a valuable piece of content that you offer for free in exchange for a prospect’s contact info.

Our lead magnets typically include educational content or useful resources, usually in the form of a video, PDF or gated article.

To make it easy for you to generate leads for your Shopify store, we added 2 new templates to Zipify Pages:

  • Template #1 – Lead Magnet Opt-in Page
  • Template #2 – Video Giveaway Social Promotion Page

These pages come directly from BOOM!’s private template library, and they’ve accounted for tens of thousands of new leads.

Want to copy them for your store?

Keep scrolling to learn how we’re using these templates to generate new leads through paid advertising.

The Lead Magnet Opt-in Funnel

This funnel was designed to leverage the Lead Magnet Opt-in Page template via paid advertising. 

We used awareness ads (using a lookalike audience) to target cold traffic with our lead magnet, which in this case was our guide on makeup mistakes to avoid.

Here is the awareness ad: 

BOOM! awareness ad on mobile

When a viewer clicked on the post, they would land on the Lead Magnet Opt-in Page:

Lead Magnet Opt-in Template

This page was designed to be simple and easy to consume. We included an in-action photo to the left of the opt-in form, and below that are two lines of copy with another opt-in opportunity to receive the free guide. 

Lead Magnet Opt-in page on mobile showing heat mapping results

Since mobile has become our main source of visibility, every page created with Zipify Pages is fully optimized for mobile viewing

That’s why we include a second opt-in form at the bottom of the page to keep the viewer from having to scroll back up to register. 

Using heat-mapping technology, we can see the high level of activity on the forms:

Once the viewer opts in, they are added to our list and sent to the lead magnet landing page:

BOOM!'s presell article/guide: 5 makeup mistakes

Lastly, we reach out to our new subscriber by sending them a “thank you” email for signing up. To see an example of this email, watch the video at the top of this page. 

By using this template and funnel, we’ve generated over 15,000 new email leads! 

How many will you get?

The Video Giveaway Social Promotion Funnel

This funnel uses the Video Giveaway Social Promotion Page to attract new subscribers by offering them a chance to win a free prize.

Similar to the Lead Magnet Opt-in Page, this page starts with an in-action visual (this time a video) on the left and an opt-in form on the right. 

Below that are customer reviews to help boost social proof: 

Video Giveaway Social Promotion Page template (top portion)

If your giveaway has several steps, we’ve included a “How to Enter” section outlining the steps the subscriber needs to complete, followed by another opt-in:

Video Giveaway Social Promotion Pages (bottom portion)

Once the viewer opts in, they’re directed to the Giveaway Thank You Page: 

Giveaway Thank You Page example

The subscriber is also added to our mailing list and receives this follow-up email:

BOOM!'s first follow-up email post user opt-in to promotion

This was the first email sent to all giveaway registrants and it performed very well, showing a 58% open rate and a 35% click rate (and generating $2,900 even though we don’t make a sales offer):

Klaviyo results for lead magnet performance

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Get Started Now

Having these 2 new templates at your disposal is sure to help you increase email opt-ins that you can then turn into new customers. 

If you’re a member of Zipify Pages, log in now to create your own opt-in campaign. (And when you succeed with these funnels, please reach out to us at help@zipify.com and let us know all about it!) 

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This is Brittany — thanks for reading!

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