3x Social Shares & 2x Engagement with New “Hero Video” Social Proof Sales Page Template (Zipify Pages)

The new “Hero Video” Social Proof Sales Page template from Zipify Pages is one of our most vibrant long-form pages ever! 


With colorful images and tone-rich copy, this stylish layout is designed to showcase your product(s) while targeting a specific audience or customer. 


Just swap in your own images and copy to bring the same appeal to your site. 


Plus, did you know? 


Long-form sales pages get up to 3x social shares and 2x engagement compared to short articles on mobile!*


Get a full walkthrough of this new template below (or watch the video above).


The Stacked, Conversion-Proven Sections of the Hero Video Social Proof Sales Page


Top of the Page (Load Screen) 


When the page first loads, customers will immediately see the large, colorful image with the customer satisfaction guarantee across the top of it: 

The top section of the Hero Video Social Proof Sales Page template that shows when the page first loads.

You can mimic the style of the photo, color pallette, or guarantee for your own site.


There’s also no traditional header, and that’s because we don’t want visitors to navigate away from this page — we want them to continue exploring it


Instead, we replaced the header with the brand name and logo front-and-center to increase brand recognition.  


And the bottom of the load screen uses a banner of popular publications as social proof to drive home the brand’s authority.


The 2-Product Offer


Upon scrolling, the first thing you’ll see is the two discounted bundle offers: 

The 2-product section of the Hero Video Social Proof Sales Page template.

This section targets returning customers who know what they want to purchase. Without having to scroll more, customers can add to cart and continue to checkout.


For new visitors, chances are they aren’t informed about the products, brand, and full list of guarantees or selling propositions — and that’s what the following sections are for!


Defining The Target Audience Or Customer


Possibly the most important part of the page, we have the “Who is this product for?” section:

The target customer section of the Hero Video Social Proof Sales Page template.

This is a quick way for customers to decide if your products are right for them, and the template uses both copy and images to help relay this message.


The Product Quality Statements


This section uses a beautifully shot photograph to establish the mood, then uses strong copy to make promises about the product’s benefits — like how long it will last and how moisturizing it is.

The quality statement section of the Hero Video Social Proof Sales Page template.

The Product Uses & Ingredients 


An informed customer is a returning customer, so it’s important to explain why they need your product and what’s in it.

The product uses and ingredients section of the Hero Video Social Proof Sales Page template.

The Large Video Review Section


Video reviews (including user demonstrations) are some of the most persuasive forms of social proof. If you have a winning video that receives a lot of positive feedback, you can headline it in this section: 

The video review section of the Hero Video Social Proof Sales Page template.

There are many popular ways to display reviews on your pages, including:


  • Reviews in Images 
  • Written Reviews
  • Review Widgets
  • Video Reviews


And while this template uses only a single video review, Zipify Pages has multiple blocks that can be swapped out to introduce your reviews in the ways mentioned above. 


Proposing The Satisfaction Guarantee 


This section continues the theme of the page with a large, colorful image that has a warm filter over it: 

The proposed satisfaction guarantee section of the Hero Video Social Proof Sales Page template.

But at this point, we’ve covered everything about the products that we want customers to know about, so our goal now is to encourage them to make a purchase.


So we recommend that you explain your return policy and worry-free guarantee (if you have one), so customers feel more confident buying from you.


The Final Offer 


Lastly, there’s a full-width Dynamic Buy Box with an image carousel, star reviews, extended product description, and images of accepted payment types:

The final offer section of the Hero Video Social Proof Sales Page template.

These additional conversion elements provide a new presentation of the bundles offered at the top to help persuade customers to act now and make a purchase.


As a store owner it’s up to you to nurture, empower, and bring personality to your brand and products — and this template will help you do just that, by building interest and intrigue with every scroll.  


Ready to Add a Splash of Color to Your Sales Page?


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I’m Brittany — thanks for reading!



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