Generate Sales By Housing All Your Best Reviews In One Place (New Template for Zipify Pages)

Did you know that only 5-10% of customers take the time to leave reviews?


Considering how influential reviews are to potential buyers, it’s important to get your best ones front and center for everyone to see. 


One way to do this is with a dedicated reviews page, and we’ve just added a new template to make it easier for you to create one: The Social Proof Reviews Page


You can use this page and direct viewers to it a number of ways, you can: 


  • Link the page in ads
  • Share it via email/SMS
  • Display the page on your site
  • Use it as a sales page (just add a buy box!)


Keep reading to see how we’re displaying the reviews and ways to share your new social proof page.

Observing The Social Proof Reviews Page Elements & Layouts 


We begin the template with the BOOM Store Header, one of our most popular and  customizable headers:

Social proof reviews page template with the BOOM store header highlighted.


This layout of this header can be modified for every device type and saved to be used across all pages. 


Below that, we have the Hero Section of the page, a 50/50 split of text and image:

Social proof reviews page template with the hero section highlighted.

For copy inspiration, we’ve included how we thank our customer for reviews prior to them reading the reviews on this page. 


Next, we have the Collection block

Social proof reviews page template with the first collection block on the page highlighted.

This block can be used in a number of different ways! 


In this template the collection block is being used solely for page jumping. Each of the 4 products shown are linked to their specific review sections farther down this page. 


This setup is made for — and shines — on mobile devices by reducing the scrolling needed to see the featured product’s reviews. 


In the next section, we’re using one of the most entertaining ways to communicate reviews to your customers: Video Testimonials. 

Social proof reviews page template with the video testimonial section highlighted.

A page full of copy and still images can be underwhelming to some viewers, and these two video review sections bring excitement and joy to the page by combining direct quotes and detailed video content. 


Following the videos, we have the individual product reviews for our 4 items listed in the collection block at the top: 

Social proof reviews page template with the product review sections highlighted.

These sections stack on mobile, which is why the navigation at the top is so important: to reduce scrolling.


Finally, we give the viewer a chance to become a customer by using another collection block, this time linked to the product pages of the four featured products: 

Social proof reviews page template with the second collection block on the page highlighted.

By the end of the template, we: 


  • Expressed our thankfulness for the reviews we receive
  • Highlighted impactful quotes from reviewers
  • Leveraged video testimonials for social proof
  • Displayed product specific review sections
  • Gave the customer the option to explore the product pages


Ways To Share Your New Dedicated Reviews Page


Once you’ve finished creating and publishing your page, visit the live page and copy the URL. Now, you can freely share this page with anyone!


Linked In Ads 


It’s easy, just take your newly copied link and use it when configuring your ads, whether it be in Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Tik Tok, etc. 


Shared Via Emails/SMS 


Similar to ads, once you have the link for your social proof page, you can use it with almost any service that keeps you in touch with your customers.


Try linking the page to an image or text within your emails. Or, share it in a text message when reaching out to customers who opted into sms messages. 


Added As An On-Site Page 


Whenever you publish a landing page in Zipify Pages, it also becomes available inside the Shopify’s Pages Section


Once it’s shown in Shopify, you can go to Shopify’s Menus Section under Navigation and add your new social proof reviews page to the Shopify Header.


 Using your Shopify’s header & footer on pages created in Zipify Pages is as easy as flipping a switch! 


If you’re using a Zipify Pages header, like the BOOM! Store Header, just click on the Navigation Bar to open and add your social proof page link to the header. 


Used As A Sale Page (Just Add A Buy Box!)


The social proof reviews page isn’t designed to make sales, instead it’s used to send viewers to the featured product’s product pages. 


But, turning this page into a sales page can be easily accomplished by adding or swapping in a buy box to the page. 


Choose from a variety of popular buy boxes, like the: 


  • Dynamic Buy Box
  • Collection Block 
  • Dynamic Bundle Offer
  • Multi Product Dynamic Buy Box


Now, you’ve got a fully functional sales page that can be shared similar to how you’d share the social proof reviews page. 


Get Your Reviews Ready, It’s Your Turn Now!


If you’re already a Zipify Pages member, this template is available in the Template Library. And please, don’t forget to leave us an honest review in the Shopify App Store, it helps us to build winning relationships with other goal-achievers like you!


Not a member? Go to to learn more about the app and start your free 14-day trial. 


I’m Brittany — see you next blog! 


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