2022 Year In Review: OneClickUpsell & Zipify Pages Performance Report (from $156M in sales!)

Infographic with annual statistics for Zipify OneClickUpsell.

nfographic with annual statistics for Zipify Pages.

Well, it was another great year for Shopify merchants…

And we’re super excited to announce that Zipify Apps helped our users earn over $150,000,000 in extra revenue in 2022!

In this performance report, you’ll find the breakdown of the top trends & statistics of 2022 for both OneClickUpsell & Zipify Pages, including:

  • Total Revenue Generated
  • Highest-Grossing Upsell
  • Most Popular Templates
  • New Feature Releases

We analyzed data from 18,000 Shopify stores and $156 million in sales to create these two reports…

Scroll down to see what we learned!


Upsell Revenue Soared in 2022

The total upsell revenue across all OCU users grew by 144% year over year — increasing from $108 million in 2021 to $156 million in 2022.

In fact, the average monthly upsell revenue for every Shopify store that used OneClickUpsell was a whopping $1,435!

That translates to an extra $17,220 a year flowing into your business from one simple app.

265,000 Total Upsells Created

Let’s dive a little deeper…

OneClickUpsell users made over a quarter million upsell offers in 2022 which is also up 119% from 2021.

Here’s the breakdown of where those upsells occurred within the customer shopping journey:

  • Pre-Purchase Upsells: 55,000
  • Post-Purchase Upsells: 179,000
  • Thank You Page Upsells: 31,000

Post-Purchase upsells accounted for 68% of the total upsells shown across all users, with Pre-Purchase upsells coming in second at 20%, and Thank You page upsells third at 12%.

But even though Thank You page offers only accounted for 12% of all offers made — they were also the fastest growing upsell choice in 2022.

In fact, they were used 172% more times in 2022 than in 2021!

Extra $27 Per Order (On Average)

Considering that there were 40,000 more upsell offers shown in 2022 than 2021, the average order value increase remained relatively stable:

  • Pre-Purchase upsell AOV was $20 in 2022, falling $1 from 2021.
  • Post-Purchase upsell AOV remained the same at $27.
  • And Thank You page upsell AOV dropped $2 from $17 to $15.

Even an increase of $10 or $15 per order value can mean the difference between having a successful business… or shutting down shop. That’s why average order value is one of the most important metrics in your business.

But if you’re reading this, then you probably already know that…

After all, Shopify merchants who install OCU see an average increase in sales of 10–15%practically overnight!

A Winning Conversion Rate

Conversion rates stayed high in 2022, even as the amount of upsells our users showed their customers skyrocketed:

  • Pre-Purchase upsell conversion rate: 11.9%
  • Post-Purchase upsell conversion rate: 9.9%
  • Thank You page upsell conversion rate: 3.1%

So on average, 1 in 10 shoppers will upgrade the product in their cart — or add new products to their order — after seeing our Pre-Purchase upsell offer.

And 1 in 10 customers will also choose to add more products to their order after they made their initial purchase. In either case, the average increase to your order value is an extra $20.

The reason is that OCU allows you to make more offers to your best audience at the most effective time: to customers who you know want your products (audience) at the exact time when they’re most excited to buy (time).

(This is a testament to how effective OCU’s upsell strategy is, and when you start split-testing, you can get even better performance out of OCU over time!)

$1,435 More Revenue… Every Month!

The average monthly upsell revenue climbed to more than $1,400 per month across all 13,000 Shopify stores that used the app.

And if you aren’t a user, that’s an extra $17,220 you could have added to your bottom line in 2022!

Monthly revenue is up 124% over 2021’s monthly average of $1,154 — which is due in part to the powerful new features we released this year.

Top 5 New Features for OCU

Here are the top 5 features we released in 2022 for OneClickUpsell.

Click on the links for an in-depth look at what we improved and how you can put it into action for your store:

  1. Post-Purchase Subscriptions
  2. In-Checkout Offers
  3. Pre-Purchase Offer Videos
  4. New Trigger Logic
  5. Plus — Smart Upsells Powered by AI!

Smart Upsells are so new that it’s still in BETA for select Shopify Plus stores. These are a huge investment in the future of OneClickUpsell and a big step toward our goal of making upsells fully automated for your store.

If you’re on Shopify Plus and you want to be a BETA tester for Smart Upsells, click here to join OCU Plus.

If you’re not an OCU user yet, then click here to start your 30-day free trial.

Zipify Pages 2022 In Review

Infographic with annual statistics for Zipify Pages.

2022 was also a banner year for Zipify Pages, our Shopify landing page builder.

Our users combined to publish over 88,000 pages in total!

And we also released major new features that are pushing the limits of what’s possible for Shopify merchants like you.

88,126 Pages Published

In a year that challenged ecommerce brands to rise above the competition…

Thousands of store owners took control with marketing funnels and custom sales pages powered by Zipify Pages.

Here are the types of pages they published in 2022:

  • Landing Pages: 62,591
  • Product Pages: 16,285
  • Blog Pages: 6,275
  • Home Pages: 2,975

Over 16,000 product pages were created last year, and not a single one required the owner to hire a designer or developer to complete the job.

In fact, when you consider the costs of hiring Shopify developers plus the hours saved by launching entire campaigns yourself — these 88,126 pages may very well represent tens of millions of dollars in value given back to the brands who use the app.

Top 5 Zipify Templates Used

It’s no surprise that 4 of the 5 most popular templates of 2022 were product page templates:

  • Best Seller Product Page: 1,410
  • Long Form Product Detail Page: 1,236
  • Proven Profitable Product Page: 757
  • Proven Profitable Bundle Page: 671
  • 5 Tips Pre-Sell Engagement page: 628

After all, the product page is the most important page of every Shopify store — because this is where you persuade your customer to make a purchase or not.

So the ability to customize Shopify’s default themes to match your brand, and add extra conversion blocks to the product page like sales videos, upgrades and bundles, can have a huge impact on your bottom line.

1,658 Split-Tests Launched in 2022

Split-testing is at the heart of conversion rate optimization, and Zipify Pages make’s it incredibly easy for beginners to improve nearly every page on their Shopify store.

We have performed hundreds of split-tests over the years on our own $150 million ecommerce store — from testing big site-wide design changes to seemingly insignificant copy variations…

And year-over-year, those incremental increases can add up to game-changing growth.

Top 5 New Features for Zipify Pages

On the subject of split-tests, this year we released one of our most anticipated new features ever:

  1. Split-testing for Product Pages.

Now you can finally test Shopify’s default product pages against your own custom creations — and you don’t need to be an expert on conversion rate optimization or website design to get winning results.

(In this recent split-test, we were able to double revenue and triple Add-to-Carts by switching from Shopify’s default page to our own custom Zipify Product Page!)

And here are 4 more exciting features we added to Zipify Pages in 2022:

  1. New Global Styles 
  2. Inline Text Editing
  3. Responsive Builder Modes (in BETA!)
  4. Multiple Cross-Sells In The Buy Box

The first three features listed here are major improvements to the design flexibility of the app, and they make it easy to quickly match the look and feel of your branding across every page of your store.

#5 is a huge upgrade to the default Shopify “buy box”. It gives you the ability to display up to three additional products as cross-sells directly above the buy button — and capitalize on valuable real estate most sellers ignore.

And That’s A Wrap For 2022!

Do you have a new feature you want us to develop for Zipify Pages in 2023?

Click here to submit your own feature request!

And if you’re not using Zipify Pages yet, then click here to start your 14-day free trial.

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