3 Features Found Guilty Of Increasing Conversions (OCU Feature Round-Up – September 2022)

Welcome to the team, Cap’n!

I’m C.S. Britt, and I’m happy to fill you in on the case we just cracked.

After months of investigation, the team at Zipify Headquarters has successfully brought some of the most wanted features into custody.

Here’s the line up:

  • Custom Post-Purchase Upsell Images
  • Videos for Pre-Purchase Upsells
  • Upsell Offer Status Switcher

These features are suspected of boosting conversionsmaking funnel management a cinch, and lining your pockets with more cabbage than you can fit into your coin purse.

Keep reading (or watch the video above) to get the full rundown!

1) Custom Images for Post-Purchase Upsell

The quality and types of images you use on your website represent your entire product catalog and brand.

In addition, high-quality custom images are known to be even more influential to customers.

Here are the facts:

  • 67% of online shoppers consider high-quality images crucial to their buying decision
  • Custom images are known to improve conversion rates by as much as 35%
  • Custom images are more memorable than stock photos
  • They make your business feel more authentic
  • They can be used over and over again without limitation

If you already have custom images (or if you plan on taking some), here’s how you begin using them in OCU:

Under the buy box hero section of your post-purchase upsell, select “Custom Image” to add your most popular, conversion-proven images:

The custom image option shown in the post-purchase hero section drop-down.

This simple modification goes beyond the default Shopify images, letting you add images that your customers might not have seen before:

A custom image shown in the post-purchase upsell preview.

2) Video Capabilities for Pre-Purchase Upsells

Another type of media that’s proven to increase conversions is Videos!

Getting your customers to stop in their tracks to watch a video of your product or services can boost their chances of making a purchase during that session.

For single item pre-purchase upsells, you can now add your videos to the image carousel to provide even more motivation to purchase:

Video media added to the pre-purchase image carousel.

Here’s how it displays on the pre-purchase upsell offer:

Video media shown in the pre-purchase upsell preview.

3) The Upsell Offer Status Switcher

Managing the active status of your funnels is now easier than ever.

You’ll notice we placed the new active status drop-down right above the upsell offer name:

The new upsell offer status switcher shown above the upsell offer name.

This simple indicator quickly informs you of the offer’s current status and it simplifies the process of switching pre-purchase and post-purchase upsells on and off.

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