4 New Features For Zipify Pages That Are So Good — It’s Spooky! (Feature Round-up)

Over the past full moons, we’ve been brewing the perfect concoction in our cauldron.

How’d we do it? — We added 4 new potent features to the Zipify Pages app: 

  • Tabs Block
  • Inline Text Editing
  • Nested Menu Expansion
  • Labels For Images

Next, we cast the magic spell

“Double, double spoils without trouble. Store owners earn and conversions bubble.”

And now, all Zipify Pages users will be granted eternal boosted conversions and easy page editing! 

Let’s examine the ingredients that made all this possible in our latest Feature Round-up. 

#1 Tabs Block

The new Tabs block can be found under the Text section, inside the Zipify Pages block library:

Tabs block location inside the zipify pages block library.

You can use this block to communicate an array of information to your customers, like:

  • Product Requirements
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • How Your Product/Service Works, and More!

Tabs block shown inside the zipify pages page builder.

For more customization, you can add images and videos in the description section of each tab. 

And on the left-hand side panel, you can make further adjustments to the font, padding, block background and more!

Left-side panel settings for tabs block inside zipify pages page builder.

Then, on the live page, customers can easily click through each tab of interest. We recommend using heatmaps to see which topics your customers engage with most, and then making those points prominent in your marketing.

Published tabs block with image on live page.

#2 Inline Text Editing

This feature is sure to help you cook up the pages in your spellbook just how you envisioned them!

Instead of making text updates through a pop-up window, just click and edit the on-page text: 

Inline text editor showing inside zipify pages page builder.

This makes it easier to see exactly how your updates translate to the page in real-time, just how your customers will see it.

#3 Labels For Image Elements

Most of the images inside ZIpify Pages now give you the option to add Labels to them. 

Using labels is an effective way to draw more attention to your product(s) by highlighting their qualities, like best value, highest rated, and best seller

After adding an image to the builder, the right-side panel will showcase the Label switcher that needs to be enabled:

Image with the image label location highlighted inside the zipify pages page builder.

Once enabled, the image label will appear and additional options to make customizations will become available, including:

  • Text editing
  • Font editing
  • Label Positioning

The image label settings on the right side panel inside the zipify pages page builder.

#4 Nested Menus For The Scrollable Text Nav + Image Block

When we initially released the nested menu feature, only the Dynamic Header and Simple Text Nav #1 block had it available. 

Now, we’ve expanded this catalog by adding nested menus to the Scrollable Text Nav + Image block!

The unique feature of this block is that all the navigation links added to the menu remain visible on mobile and can be accessed by scrolling left and right: 

Scrollable text nav + image block shown in the zipify pages builder in mobile view.

With nested menus added to this block, each link can now display a drop-down option across all device types!

Watch the video on top to see how your customers interact with the navigation links on mobile while using the scrolling and nested menus features.

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I’m Brittany — thanks for reading!

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