Want to Rank Higher in Google Without Paid Traffic? Use the Proven Profitable Homepage Template! (Zipify Pages)

“[The Homepage] is arguably one of the most important pages on your store… it introduces people to who you are, your best sellers and your best content.” – Ezra Firestone, Zipify Founder


Hey! Ezra here.


Did you know that when people Google your brand, the page that ranks highest is your homepage?


This makes your homepage the main point of contact for your customers — and that’s exactly why you should design it to be a hub for products, content, and connections.


Using Google Analytics, I pulled up my website data from the past 2-3 months and my current homepage is clearly the highest traffic-generating landing page on my site: 

Google Analytics' landing page results for BOOM!

The best part is, I’m not paying for traffic to go to this page — the results are solely from searches! 


And with Zipify Pages, you can easily grab my same homepage template to help you generate more views and rank higher in Google: The Proven Profitable Homepage.


This top-performing homepage leverages a conversion-proven layout with engaging content that keeps customers coming back, including: 


  • Opt-In CTA’s
  • Content Banner
  • Best Seller Carousel
  • Ownership Benefit Statement & more! 


Keep reading to find out more (or, watch the video above)!


Examining the Proven Profitable Homepage Template

1. The “BOOM Store Header” & Banner

The header and banner blocks from the proven profitable homepage template.

At the top of the page, you’ll find the “BOOM Store Header” block. You can modify the appearance of this block for both mobile and desktop to include additional tabs, scroll actions, icons, and more.


To make our headers simple and accessible, I try to keep a low number of elements with only one call to action — and that’s to shop our products. 


The next block highlighted in the image above is the Image+Text+Button 2 that I’m using for my promotional banner. 


This banner changes with whatever I’m promoting. Sometimes I’ll promote my best-selling product, a piece of content, a new product that launched — or anything else I want my customers to know about. 


Inside the Zipify Pages builder, you can easily swap out the banner image, text, and call to action to match your promotion event or holiday. 


2. Introductory Statement

The introductory statment from the proven profitable homepage template

Under the promotional banner, I’m displaying my brand’s introductory statement. I use this section to share a few sentences that tell my customers who I am, what I do and who my brand is for. 


There’s an image that gives you the feel, aesthetic and vibe of my brand that pairs well with the text and button color. 


When designing this template to match your brand, try to keep your theme and colors consistent throughout. Doing this will help with your brand recognition and brand culture. 


But, the main point of this block is to get customers to engage with the cta button and shop our products.  


3. Best Seller’s Carousel 

The collection block from the proven profitable homepage template

The next element on the page is the Collection block. This is where I’ve added my most popular, best-selling products. 


You can add up to 12 products to this block, each with their own pricing metrics and discounts. A minimum of 2 products can be shown per row, with a maximum of 4 per row. 


At this point, you might be wondering if the Collection block converts better with 2 products in a row or with 4 products in a row.


But, don’t worry! I’ve got you covered:


I split-tested this scenario in what I consider our Biggest Release EVER: The Collection Block & Multi-product Dynamic Buy Box.


Similar to the BOOM Store Header, you can customize the appearance of each item in the collection block for both desktop and mobile, including visuals like: 


  • # of product in a row
  • Column size
  • Carousel or Stack (Desktop only)
  • Alignment and more

The collection block settings popup inside Zipify Pages

On mobile, this block dynamically updates to be shown as a two column stack of products. This keeps every product in the carousel on-page, and it functions and converts much better than the carousel on mobile. 

4. Brand Content Section

The brand content sections from the proven profitable homepage template

The next few blocks are dedicated to my Brand content, This includes Ambassador posts, cta’s, popular blog posts, and other content I find valuable to share with our customers.


This is another opportunity to tell people who we are, what we stand for, and what other people think of us. I always keep my best content in the section to help persuade visitors to turn into buyers. 


5. Social Proof, CTA’s, Ownership Benefit Statement, & the Traditional Footer

Social Proof, cta’s, ownership benefit statement, and traditional footer from the proven profitable homepage template

Lastly, this homepage template is finished off with social proof in the form of reviews, more cta’s to reduce scrolling, our ownership benefit statement, and a traditional footer to keep it simple. 


To keep the page shortened, there are only 2 reviews shown. You could add as many reviews as you’d like, but we believe keeping it minimal makes the content easier to digest. 


The ownership benefit statements are paired with familiar icons that imply the message we’re trying to send — even if the customer hasn’t read anything. 


Here’s what we want these icons to represent to our customers: 


  • Leaf = Natural/Organic
  • Heart = Compassion/Caring
  • Star = The Best/Shines
  • Thumbs Up = What we offer is something that’s liked by others


Adding the Proven Profitable Homepage to Your Site

It’s very easy to select the Proven Profitable Homepage from the Homepage Library so you can start customizing it immediately


On the left-side panel, go to the Home Pages section and click on “New Page”:

The Home Pages dashboard in Zipify Pages

Once inside the Homepage Library, scroll down to select the Proven Profitable Homepage

The proven profitable homepage template inside the homepage library

Once you select this template, you can name it, add it to a group of pages, or add tags


After you’ve updated the entire template with your products and content, you’ll have a winning homepage that’s optimized for mobile, desktop and tablet!

*     *     *     *     *


We really hope you like this powerful new template! 


But if you want more homepage options, check out some of the other homepage & product page templates that are making big splashes throughout Shopify: 



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Thanks for reading!


– Ezra


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