Build Brand Trust with this New Homepage Template: “Triple Stacked Social Proof Collection Page” for Zipify Pages

According to Boast, 92% of online consumers* look at product reviews before purchasing — and those same reviews are trusted 12x more than product descriptions and sales copy.


That’s why we believe it’s important to present your most convincing social proof on the page consumers are most likely to land on — the Homepage. 


Introducing the new: Triple Stacked Social Proof Collection Page Template


Our new Homepage template has the look and feel of a collections page with multiple social proof opportunities available to convince viewers to make a purchase. 


It’s the perfect layout for sale events focused on multiple offers or for brands with a limited product line.


Get the full overview below.👇

Examining the Conversion Power of the “Triple Stacked Social Proof Collection Page” Template for Zipify Pages 

Social proof from relatable or credible sources is one of the most persuasive conversion assets you have as an online retailer.


And when you combine social proof with clear messaging, easy-to-digest images, and unique selling propositions, your chances of making a sale more than doubles. 


Now, let’s take a closer look at this template’s layout and how the results-proven elements of this Homepage amplifies brand trust and boosts conversions: 


Clear Navigation: Like most successful Homepages, the top of the page has clearly presented navigation elements. 


Because of the BOOM Store Header’s spacing, legible text, and subheaders, it’s easier for viewers to engage with and move around your site. The longer consumers browse your site, the higher the chance of you converting the sale: 

Luxor Linens Header


Fullscreen Images: Below the header is a full screen image with overlay copy (also added to the bottom of the page). There is minimal copy shown because the point of this section is to clearly communicate to the consumer the type of feature products they’ll be viewing, including where to click if they want to “shop now”:  

Fullscreen image block from the Triple Stacked Social Proof Collection Page template.

“As Featured In” Recognitions: Social proof runs throughout this template and it starts with the “as featured in” section. This is where you can broadcast your accomplishments being recognized by or affiliated with known and reputable sources.  


Next to high-quality images, this type of social proof can be the biggest selling point on any sales page, especially when your products have been seen or used on television:


"As feature in" social proof from the Triple Stacked Social Proof Collection Page template.


 3 Stacked Products: There are no buy boxes or prices here, just text and images. Instead of overwhelming your viewers with tons of information, there is only a small description or single image so they can select the product they want to learn more about: 


The 3 product stack from the Triple Stacked Social Proof Collection Page template.

Quality Endorsements: This section doesn’t reference a single product, but speaks to your brand’s overall quality — use this to your advantage:


Product quality endorsement from the Triple Stacked Social Proof Collection Page template.

Customer Reviews: This time, social proof has shifted from well-known reputable sources to customers with real-life product experience. 


This is communicated in the form of 5-star customer reviews and is the second opportunity to get more social proof in front of your viewers:


5-star customer reviews from the Triple Stacked Social Proof Collection Page template.


Purchase Guarantees: One of the biggest fears of consumers is buying something they can’t return. If there’s any doubt whether they can return an item or not, it will deter them from making the purchase in the first place. 


Stand on your guarantees and make it easier for your customers to buy with confidence:


Purchase guarantees from the Triple Stacked Social Proof Collection Page template.


Enlarged Contact Information: This is the template feature we loved the most! There are plenty of sites that use small text at the bottom of the page or on their own separate page, but this template has it boldly stated right on the Homepage for everyone to see. 


This demonstrates your brand’s confidence in the customer service you provide, and it can actually be leveraged as a selling point for your products and brand: 


Enlarged chat icons from the Triple Stacked Social Proof Collection Page template.

Social Media Networking: At the end of the template, social proof is re-introduced to the viewer in a different way. Instead of displaying social proof from customers, this section gives page viewers the opportunity to follow and engage with your social media accounts. 


This can serve as a vehicle to gain more social proof, which can then be leveraged on future sales pages: 


Social Media networking section from the Triple Stacked Social Proof Collection Page template.


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