(New Template Alert!) The Video Sales Letter By drill&plant

At Zipify, our Brand Ambassadors are an essential part of what we do. Their real-life results and success stories help guide the development of our apps and benefit our entire community.

Occasionally, an Ambassador wows us so much with the design and functionality of their pages that we want to share them with the rest of our users. 

That’s why we want to give a huge “thank you” to Chris for allowing us to share his proven template: the new Video Sales Letter by drill&plant. 

In just 4 months, Chris generated over $15,000 with this one page, and he’s seen even more game changing results by combining Zipify Pages with the OneClickUpsell app.

Here are 5 reasons why we believe this page performed so well for Chris, and why you should consider using this template for your next sale.

1) The Dynamic Header & Dynamic Buy Box Provide A Stylish And Enjoyable First Impression

The first thing page viewers will notice is the modern spin on this classic product page layout. 

When you land on the page, the Dynamic Header and Dynamic Buy Box are the only two blocks visible on the screen and every piece of information is communicated in an easy-to-digest manner: 

Zipify Pages template library with the "Video Sales Letter" highlighted

The Dynamic Header 

This block has a variety of customizable options for the icons, links, logo, and layout. Once it’s set up, you can use the same header block across all of your pages for a consistent look. 

There’s also an integration available if you’d like to use your theme’s header and footer on your published Zipify pages.

The Dynamic Buy Box 

The conversion-tested features available for this block include star ratings, customer reviews, dynamic pricing, unique selling propositions, and more. 

Most importantly, you’ll notice the multi-product cross-sell offers right above the “add to cart” button. You can offer up to 3 complementary products — each with their own discounts — that will be dynamically added into the cart when selected. This is a great way to increase your chances of selling additional products without sending potential buyers to a different page. 

Visit the dynamic buy box help documentation to learn more. 

2) Autoplay Video Commands The Customer’s Attention 

See the large video autoplaying below the buy box? That’s why this new template is called The Video Sales Letter

As your customers scroll down the page, they won’t be able to help but watch this video, even if it’s for a second or two. That’s why the first few seconds of your video are crucial to your conversion potential. 

Take this opportunity to upload a video of your product in action, customer testimonials, product making process, your mission statement, etc. 

The "Video Sales Letter" templates large video block

3) Stacked Conversion Support Brings The Page To Life With Easy-To-Read Flowing Content 

This is what we consider the “meat” of the page, where you can provide important and informative content to secure the sale.

The purpose of this content is to instill confidence in buying your products and services. 

For example: Customer Reviews and an FAQ section are being used in this template: 

Customer Reviews: 

The "Video Sales Letter" template's customer reviews section

Frequently Asked Questions: 

The "Video Sales Letter" template's FAQ section

4) Incentivizing Buyers With An Opt-In Discount Helps Grow Your Email List 

At the end of the template, there’s one final call to action to subscribe to an email list for a discount. This further encourages customers to buy your product(s).

The "Video Sales Letter" template's Opt-in form block

Once you have the email address, you can continue to build trust, confidence, and a relationship with your subscribers. This is also the most efficient way to turn one-time buyers into repeat customers.

5) Mobile-optimized Pages Deliver a Great User Experience on All Devices

More and more people are using their mobile devices to make online purchases. As society continues to move towards digital storefronts and digital wallets, the convenience of having it all at your fingertips can’t be matched. 

This is why every page created in Zipify Pages is optimized for mobile devices. Simple changes to the layout — such as adjusting content to the left or right side — can result in a noticeable spike in conversions.

Here are examples of the dynamic cross-sell (A) and large video (B) from this template on mobile: 

Left: The “Video Sales Letter”cross-sell options on mobile / Right: The “Video Sales Letter” large video block on mobile

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