[Case Study] Zipify Pages & OneClickUpsell Both “Game Changers in My Business”

“[Zipify Pages] converts so much better than any Shopify theme… You can create high converting landing pages and really in a matter of minutes, whoever you are and with no expertise.”

– Chris | Owner, drill&plant

Hey! Ezra here, and I want to introduce you to someone.

Meet Chris. He’s the owner of drill&plant, an ecommerce brand that strives to save their customers time and energy by offering smart solutions in the garden. 

Chris is also a user of both our apps, Zipify Pages and OneClickUpsell… 

And he just sent us the video above sharing his awesome success story with the Zipify community.

I love hearing stories like this from our members. Here are my top takeaways.

Zipify Pages “Converts So Much Better Than Any Shopify Theme”

Want to know the 2 main reasons that my team and I created Zipify Pages? Here they are:

1. To make it quicker and easier for us to design and launch pages. Our goal was to minimize the time it took us to go from idea to finished product, so we could run a campaign whenever inspiration struck.

2. To increase conversions in our campaigns. Not only did we want to run more campaigns while exerting less effort, we also wanted these campaigns to have higher conversion rates than before. I don’t think that’s too much to ask!

But it’s one thing to make a plan and it’s another thing for that plan to work, so I was super happy to hear that both of these benefits are delivering value for Chris.

“I have actually used [Zipify Pages] for nearly a year now, and I love it. Absolutely love it, because it just simplifies the process of creating pages so much. 

I have created my entire store, including the homepage, the shop page with all the products there and every single product page individually as well, on the Zipify Pages, because I just found that it converts so much better than any Shopify theme I have used before. 

And they just look so much more beautiful.” 

What makes Zipify Pages easier to use while also driving more conversions? Here are a few of Chris’ favorite features.

Pages Are Optimized for All Devices: Desktop, Mobile &  Tablet 

Over the past couple of years, more and more of website traffic has come from mobile. For my $125 million ecommerce brand (BOOM! By Cindy Joseph), mobile traffic accounts for about 68% of total visitors!

That’s why it’s so important that all of your pages are optimized for mobile and tablet. 

You need to provide a great user experience for visitors on all devices, making sure your site is responsive, lightweight and fast-loading. 

“What I also love about it is that it’s just so easy to optimize for mobile and tablet… You can add blocks and edit anything you want and you can optimize for it for desktop, tablet view, mobile view. 

You can do anything you want in these views, and you can just create an amazing page very, very fast, which just looks great on anything people view it on.”

Want to learn more about how we optimize our landing page builder for mobile traffic? 

Check out this Mobile “Sticky” Button that added +10% add to carts and +9% conversions, and this Mobile Header that doubled my mobile conversion rate.

“Existing Blocks” Feature Makes it Easier to Build Pages

Back to the topic of “ease of use”, we wanted to make Zipify Pages the most intuitive landing page builder on the market. 

That’s why we recently added Existing Blocks, a feature that automatically saves all of your “blocks” — i.e., a customized element on your landing page such as copy, image, video, etc. — in one convenient section of the page builder so you always have easy access to them.

“What I also love about it is that you can actually import any existing element that you used on any of your pages automatically. So you don’t have to save any block. You don’t have to do anything. It just helps so much with consistency. 

You know, you can just choose any page that you have your block on and you just find which one you want to use, and then just import it. You add the blog and exact blog that you created on different pages just gets imported here.” 

“So Intuitive That Anyone Can Really Use It”

Zipify Pages is the perfect landing page builder for fast-growing teams.

First, let me say that I can relate with business owners who feel like they have to oversee every single part of their business — especially something like a landing page that has such a direct impact on conversions.But the truth is, as your team grows you have to learn how to delegate tasks, and probably shouldn’t be the one building pages. Trying to exert that much control over your brand will drive you crazy.

That’s why Zipify Pages is so intuitive and has so many pre-tested elements, so you can hand it off to any member of your team and feel confident that you’ll get back an effective, high converting page. 

“It just makes everything so quick and so easy, you know, really it’s just so intuitive that anyone can really use it. 

Literally anyone on your team is just like in a matter of minutes, you’re going to become a Zipify expert and you can create beautiful landing pages… 

It just saves so much time, and you can create high converting landing pages, and really in a matter of minutes, whoever you are and with no expertise.” 

Copy Tested and Proven Landing Pages from My $125 Million Shopify Store

While I originally built Zipify Pages to use on my own store, I always wanted to share it with my community…

And I knew a huge part of the value for our users would be the ability to copy landing pages from my top campaigns. These are pages that have been tested and proven to make sure they work…

And we’re adding new pages to the template library all the time.

“There are so many proven templates here. You see these four new ones, they just came out not so long ago. New updates are coming very, very fast… 

And these are actually all tested, proven pages. It’s just so good to have a template library that is actually tested and not just created and put in here but actually tested and actually used in real life marketing and real businesses…

So I think it was just amazing.”

To see some of our latest template releases, check out our 2-step Product Launch Sales Page and our New Long-form Product Page.

“Increase Order Value” and “Take Advantage of Every Single Order” with OneClickUpsell

“The other app I want to show you is called Zipify OneClickUpsell. It is an upsell app for your Shopify store that is really absolutely amazing. I absolutely love it. 

You know, I found that staying profitable on cold ads — Facebook ads, for example — is not easy. 

So you really have to take advantage of every single order you have, and you really have to take advantage of all the upsell opportunities.

You have to increase your order value, and I’ve found that Zipify OneClickUpsell just really, really lets you do that.”  

Chris makes a really good point here. 

When people are struggling to run Facebook ads profitably, they usually only focus on their ads — and don’t get me wrong, you should be optimizing your ads as much as possible…

But profitability has to do with your entire sales funnel: not just how much are you spending to acquire a customer, but also how much revenue are you generating from that customer per order and over the customer’s lifetime.

That, in addition to your other costs, is what’s ultimately going to determine your profitability, which is why it’s so important to generate as much revenue as possible from every single order. 

Here’s what else Chris loves about OneClickUpsell.

(And for help with your Facebook ads, check out the two free courses I did in partnership with Shopify — Facebook Ads for Beginners: Retention and Loyalty and Advanced Facebook Ads: Customer Acquisition.)

Pre-purchase Upsells Generate Extra $3.50 Per Visitor

I created OCU to give my community something that at the time was impossible on Shopify: one-click, post-purchase upsells. And on my store, that’s still our bread and butter…

But since the app’s creation we’ve added a ton of new functionality. One of our most powerful new features is our pre-purchase upsells

I’m glad to see Chris is taking advantage of it:

“You have multiple upsell opportunities here… You can set up a pre-purchase offer, which is literally an offer after people click checkout* on the cart page, the popup comes up…

And you can ask them to either upgrade their order or just replace their cart with something better or something bigger. 

You see it converts really, really well: $3.50 per visitor in extra revenue. 

(*Now, in addition to offering pre-purchase upsells on the cart page, you can also leverage them on the product page!)

And of course, Chris is using post-purchase upsells as well:

“Then you have a post-purchase upsell offer… You have a post-purchase downsell, then you have a post-purchase upsell and you even have a Thank You Page offer that you can use. 

And it’s all seamlessly integrated with your Shopify checkout. So it’s really, really simple and easy.”

Be Diligent: Split Test Everything

All of the offer pages and upsell strategies in OneClickUpsell are tested on my $125 million ecommerce brand before we build them into the app.

However, we still encourage our users to be diligent marketers and test everything. 

So we make that easy with built-in split testing functionality right inside of OneClickUpsell, which Chris is using to optimize his offers.

“You can split test everything as you see… 

We tried giving a percentage discount against a dollar discount*, and as you see, dollar discount just blows percentage discount out of the water. So now we have a hundred percent of the way on the dollar discount. 

And altogether this upsell funnel literally gives us nearly $10 of extra revenue on every single order, which is a 30% increase for us in average order value, which is also a game changer.” 

“So I highly recommend OneClickUpsell because it’s just a great app. Really. You can’t live without it as a Shopify store owner… And this is really the best thing I have seen out there.”

(*I recently ran this same split test on my store. See my results.)

Well, you can call this post “Saran” — because it’s a wrap.

Thanks again to Chris for sharing his success story with us, and for digging into some of his favorite features from our apps.

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