(NEW!) Existing Blocks: Reuse Your Best Content Across Any Zipify Landing Pages

On the Zipify blog, we like to remind our community that it’s important to have consistent branding across all your pages…

And one of the most crucial elements of that is to have consistent messaging.

If you look at any successful brand, their messaging is cohesive across all their digital assets — from the blog posts they use to engage their customers to the landing pages they use to promote their products.

And because this consistency is so important, we’re introducing Existing Blocks: A new feature that makes it super easy to reuse content across all your Zipify landing pages.

For example: Say you build a product sales page that converts really well (nice job!). Now, all your blocks are automatically saved in your block library, so the next time you’re building a page for that product you can access all these winnings blocks with just a few clicks.

Repurposing content this way will help you save time by using what already works!

You can also use this new feature to add sales content to your blog posts without having to create new blocks each time.

Keep reading to learn how to add Existing Blocks to your pages.

How to Use Existing Blocks

Whether you’re working on a landing page, product page or blog post, Existing Blocks work the same way.

From inside the page builder click the plus icon (+) to add a block to the page, then from the category list on the left, click Existing Block.

Now, select the Zipify page you want to use a block from. Your pages are divided into categories (Landing Page, Product Page, Blog Post, etc.) to make it easier to find the page you’re looking for.

Once you select a page, you will see the list of available blocks. The blocks are listed in the order they appear on the page.

Click Add block and it will automatically be added to the new page.

That’s it. Now you can build pages faster and better!

(Note: If Existing Blocks sound helpful, you should check out this recent post on another new feature, Block Favorites.)

Start Using Existing Blocks on Your Pages

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I’m Brittany — thanks for watching!

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