New Feature: Pre-Purchase Upsells for OneClickUpsell (and Other Exciting Updates)


New Feature: Pre-Purchase Upsells for OneClickUpsell (and Other Exciting Updates)

***This post shows functionality from OCU Legacy which is no longer supported by Zipify or Shopify, but this same functionality is available in OCU Native. Click here if you’re looking for up to date information about OneClickUpsell***

OneClickUpsell has made a name for itself by helping store owners increase their average order value with post-purchase upsells.

Now, it’s time for an absolute game-changer.

Introducing: Pre-purchase upsells.

This new feature will help you boost your AOV even more by offering additional products and upgrades right on the cart page.

Why is that a good thing? Keep reading to find out.

Why Offer Pre-Purchase Upsells

There’s a saying in ecommerce that goes, “She who makes the most offers will make the most sales,” and that’s the whole idea behind upsells: to make additional offers that will generate additional revenue that will grow your average order value.

Of course, upsells need to be done right, and a good upsell is a relevant upsell.

With post-purchase upsells, we make targeted offers based on what the customer just bought; with pre-purchase upsells, we base the upsell on what they’re about to buy. Both are relevant to what we know about the customer, which is why our upsells have such a high conversation rate.

Simply put, by adding pre-purchase upsells to your funnel you will increase the number of offers you make which will increase your sales. Some customers will respond better to offers before they buy and others to offers after they buy, so you definitely want both.

Here’s a screenshot from my upsell revenue over the last 7 days:

In this time period, over 17% of my upsell revenue came from pre-purchase upsells, so these things are really working!

Now, let’s explore how you can add pre-purchase upsells to your funnels.

How to Add Pre-Purchase Upsells to Your Store

Within the Upsell Funnel Editor, click “Choose Product” under the “Pre-Purchase Upsell Offer”.

Here, you can choose between two types of pre-purchase upsells:

1. Add a product to the cart
This upsell adds another product to your customer’s cart in addition to what they already have.

2. Upgrade an existing product in the cart
This upsell replaces the product currently in the cart with a different (and typically more expensive) one.

Once you’ve selected an upsell type, you will select the product you want to add.

Or, if you want to use a pre-purchase upsell that you’ve already created, you can choose “Copy an existing offer” to use that product and upsell type.

That’s it! Your pre-purchase upsell is now added to your funnel.

Customizing Your Pre-Purchase Upsell Offer Pages

We’re using the same Offer Page Editor for pre-purchase upsells as we do for post-purchase upsells, so this process should feel familiar. You can modify the Product, Offer, Content, Discount, Appearance, and Purchase Buttons.

(Note: Discounts set for pre-purchase upsells are applied automatically and don’t require a discount code at checkout.)

For a step-by-step walkthrough of how to create pre-purchase upsells and edit your upsell offer pages, refer to this help doc from one of our App Specialists.

What Else is New to OCU?

The pre-purchase upsell feature isn’t the only exciting addition to OCU. Check out what else we’ve recently added to the app.

Optimized Upsell Offer Pages

We totally redesigned our upsell offer pages to make them more effective and easier to edit.

Static Funnels

In addition to dynamic funnels, we now offer static funnels that let you choose upsell priority based on what the customer has in their cart.

Split Testing

Adding native split testing was a huge win for us. You can now use data-based decision making to optimize every step of your upsell funnel.


Images and videos are super important for online businesses — they’re as close as the customer can get to actually seeing and touching your products! — and now you can easily add these to your buy box with our new carousels.

Get Started Now

With OCU’s new pre-purchase upsells, we’ve made it possible to increase your average order value by offering additional products and upgrades right on the cart page.

If you’re a user of OneClickUpsell, log in now to start using pre-purchase upsells and other exciting new features.

If you’re not a user of OneClickUpsell and you want to start leveraging high-converting upsell funnels on your Shopify store, get OneClickUpsell today.

This has been Ezra — thanks for watching!

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