Biggest Release EVER? The New Collection Block & Multi-product Dynamic Buy Box for Zipify Pages

Ladies and gentleman, you are witnessing the biggest release from Zipify Pages in years.

Introducing: the new Collection Block and Multi-product Dynamic Buy Box.

Let me show you what we’re doing with these blocks right now on our store, and why you want to add them to your pages asap. 

Collection Block: It All Started with a Split Test…

It all started with a test we ran on our holiday store where we compared different layouts on our collection pages. 

We had a version with 3 items across on desktop vs. a product carousel on desktop.

The "3 Items Stacked" and "3 Items Carousel" layouts in Zipify Pages.

Left: 3 Items Stacked / Right: 3 Items Carousel

We also tested 2 items per row on desktop and mobile, and on tablet we included a Hover Effect where it shows an additional image when your scroll over the product. (That block is also available in Zipify Pages.)

The "2 Items Stacked" layout and Hover Effect" feature in Zipify Pages.

Left: 2 Items Stacked / Right: The Hover Effect on Tablet

Collection Block Split Test Results

In this test, the 3 item carousel won on mobile and the 2 item stacked won on desktop.

My other most recent winner is a collection with 4 items across on desktop with a 2 column stack, and I’m currently testing that against a desktop carousel with 3 items in it and a mobile carousel with 4 items where you can see 2 items at a time as you scroll.

70% of my traffic is mobile or tablet, so I’m curious to see how the carousel function performs on those devices. It might turn out that the 4 item row is too long on desktop but works on mobile, and you can do different layouts for different devices by modifying your layouts in Zipify Pages.

We’re rerunning this test on our collection pages now and I’m excited to see how it goes — stay tuned for the results!

Test Element Stacks!

In addition to testing different layouts, you can also test the different elements you include with each product. This includes combinations of image borders, size charts, price callouts, ratings and more.

For example, I discovered that showing the star rating under the product really helps, as well as perceived actionability on the call-to-action buttons.

Left: Star Rating / Right: Perceived Actionability on CTA

Here’s the current winning element stack on our collection pages: hero image with a border and with hover effect, product name, star rating, mini descriptor and CTA button.

Ezra's winning element stack in Zipify Pages.

This element stack has won every test — over showing the price, including a subline below the button with more info, mentioning a guarantee, etc.

We’re always testing our collection pages because most of our customers visit these pages at some point in their buying journey, and our goal is to get as many people as possible to go from our collections to our product pages, and eventually to buy.

More Uses for the New Collection Block

Something else to know about this new block is that you don’t have to use it as a collection page.

You could take the collection block and literally just make a carousel of images (up to 12 images per carousel). 

You could also create an image gallery by doing rows of images stacked on top of each other. You can do a lot of stuff with this block and its elements.

Multi-product Dynamic Buy Box

We also have a new buy box called the Multi-product Dynamic Buy Box.

This has a similar function to the collection block except it pulls in elements dynamically — your quantity selector, product discount field, etc. 

The "Multi-product Dynamic Buy Box" block in Zipify Pages.

This block is great if you’re trying to get people to add multiple products to their cart directly from your collection page.

Leverage These Blocks on Your Shopify Store

These are the 2 most powerful blocks we’ve added to Zipify Pages in a long time — maybe ever. 

They’re so versatile and so useful. So get in the app now and start using our new Collection Block and Multi-product Dynamic Buy Box on your pages

If you’re not a Zipify member, we want to invite you to join our community! 

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I’m Ezra — thanks for reading!

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