How to Build Custom Shopify Product Pages with Zipify Layouts

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Zipify Pages just released an awesome new feature!

You can now use custom Zipify Layouts on your product pages when publishing into /Products.

A few months ago we rolled out the ability to publish into /Products, and it was a huge win for our users. But at the time, you still had to use the header, footer and buy box from your Shopify theme.

Now, with this new update, you can use our dynamic blocks as your header, footer and buy box…

Allowing you to design completely custom product page templates for your store, either from scratch or with Zipify’s Proven Profitable Templates!

Watch the video to learn how to create custom Zipify Layouts, or for more technical instructions, read this short help article.

How to Build Custom Product Pages with Zipify Pages

To get started, click on the Product Pages section of the Pages tab.

If this is your first time using Product pages, you’ll see the option to Create Product Page. Otherwise, you can select New Page from the pages table.

In app welcome screen when you create your first product page.

Next, you’ll be asked to select a product for your new product page layout.

In app pop up to select a product for your product page layout.

After you select your product, you can choose between our two layout options:

In app pop up to select between the Shopify Layout and the ZP Layout.

Choose Between Two Types of Layouts

The Shopify Layout, which utilizes your Shopify theme’s native header, footer and main product block by default. We recommend you use this layout if your theme’s Product Page integrates with other 3rd-party apps already.

The Zipify Pages (ZP) Layout, which allows you to design a new page from scratch or copy one of our Proven Profitable Templates.

Whether you start from scratch or use a tested template, please note that the ZP Layout must include the Dynamic Product Section block (as seen below) before your page can be published into /Products.

This block looks pretty similar to our Dynamic Buy Box, but has a set of differences. Since we’re working with Shopify Product Pages, there are a set of mandatory elements that must be used with no ability to hide or remove them.

Mandatory elements include:

  • Product Price
  • Variant Selector(if applicable)
  • CTA Button

Here’s what the Dynamic Product Section block looks like for our product, Boom Calm:

Here is the Dynamic Product Section block.

How to Customize Your Zipify Layout Pages

The product images are pulled in from your Shopify product section, and you can customize the Dynamic Product Section block the same way you would for any other Dynamic Buy Box block:

Here are the list of options to customize your Dynamic Buy Box.

You can also add any content above or below the product block to design your custom product page by choosing a new block from our Block Library:

Publishing Your New Product Page

Once your page is ready, click Publish in the top-right corner of the Page Builder, and this new product page will automatically replace the live product page on your store using the same /Products URL.

Note: Technically, when you publish a Product Page in Zipify Pages, you’re actually publishing a Shopify Product Page Template for the product you’ve selected.

Currently there is no ability to create and/or publish a product to your Shopify store from the Zipify Pages app, so instead products are created and published in the “Products” section of your Shopify admin.

How to Revert to Shopify’s Original Product Page

Anytime you want to reset your ZP product page back to Shopify’s original one, simply unpublish your Zipify product page in the app, and your theme’s template will automatically be used for the product page once again.

In app pop up to unpublish your product page.

For a more technical explanation of how to use Zipify layouts for your product pages, please read our help article: Zipify Pages: Creating a New Product Page Layout.

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