(Case Study) How Yensa Added $5,000 a Month in Upsell Revenue with OCU Plus

“We’ve seen upsell revenue grow 50–60% month over month.” 
– Nicole  |  OCU Concierge Manager



Hi! I’m Nicole, Concierge Manager for OneClickUpsell.


Today, we’re talking about Yensa, a Korean beauty brand and one of our Concierge Clients as a member of OCU Plus.

We’ve been working together for a couple of months, and they’ve been having incredible results with OneClickUpsell. 


In this post, I want to tell you about our journey with Yensa and how we helped them build and optimize their upsell funnels that have generated over $5,000 a month in extra revenue.


Was Yensa already using pre-purchase or post-purchase upsells and cross-sells? 


Yensa wasn’t running any upsells or cross-sells when we started working together.


They were generating plenty of orders, but wanted a way to maximize AOV and increase their return on ad spend.


Fortunately, we saw results right away!


By implementing pre-purchase and post-purchase upsells, we added $3,000 in the first week and then $5,000 a month consistently, making upsells a significant revenue stream for them. 


And because Zipify offers concierge management for OCU Plus users, we take care of setting up and optimizing funnels.


How did I decide on the perfect upsell offers?


We started by honing in on best sellers. 


OneClickUpsell is triggered based on the products in the cart / being purchased, so we looked at which products were getting the most orders and set up targeted offers for those items. 


In Yensa’s case, their #1 product is their foundation. 


And that’s great, because foundation can be used with a ton of complementary items, like a concealer, primer or brush. So this gave us a lot of options for things we can test in our upsell funnel.


For our first upsell, we tested offering another one of what the customer just bought, but at a discount. 


We did this for 2 reasons:


  1. We know these customers are interested in this product — they just bought it! 
  2. Historically, this has been our #1 upsell offer across different markets and industries. 


So here we offered a second foundation at 20% off. 


Then, down the road, we’ll test this offer against one of the top-performing complementary products.


What was your strategy for building out Yensa’s upsell funnels?


First, we made highly optimized offers for our 3–5 best sellers, like I outlined above. 


After that, we did a collection upsell


So instead of making a funnel for a single item, we made one triggered by any product in a collection — so in Yensa’s case, it could be their Starter Kits or Superfoods. 


(We can also do all kinds of customized triggering with our new Conditions Logic.)


Then we do a site-wide offer at the end, meaning a funnel that includes every product without a trigger already assigned to it. Because while we want to prioritize our best sellers, we still want to make extra offers wherever and whenever we can. 


So if you just did that — optimized funnels for best selling products and a site-wide funnel for the rest — that would deliver 80–90% of the value that OCU can give you. 


But focusing on top sellers is where your time is best spent. 


What’s next for Yensa’s upsell funnels?


The short answer: testing.


We’re always testing one thing or another for our Concierge Clients to keep growing their upsell revenue.


For Yensa, we have a pre-purchase offer for the primer that’s converting at 14.9%, and that’s excellent — it’s already at the high-end of our conversion goal, which is usually 10–15%


So we’re excited to see how we can top it. 


To do that, we’re going to see if adding a discount to the primer pre-purchase offer will increase conversions without affecting revenue too much. 


We’re also testing one primer offer against another primer offer with different page elements


And then for post-purchase, we tested the concealer against the foundation at 20% off. The second foundation took off like gangbusters — I think the conversion rate was over 15%


And again, offering someone more of what they just bought is a tactic that’s worked again and again, but it’s still great to see that hypothesis confirmed in this test. 


We’re split-testing everything all the time. I always say to start a split test, pick your winner, then start the next one. 


And that’s what’s great about OCU’s Account Management Team.


Karina is the Enterprise Account Manager for Yensa, so she sets up every split test and monitors it regularly. It gets optimized without them having to worry about it, which I’m sure they love. 


Want us to build and optimize your upsell funnels?


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