(New Feature!) How to Offer Discounts on Your Pre-purchase Upsells

Ready for an interesting stat?

OneClickUpsell users who offer both pre-purchase and post-purchase upsells generate 15% more upsell revenue than users who only offer upsells post-purchase.

And now, you can get even more conversions on your pre-purchase upsells by adding discounts to your offer pop-ups.

Watch how easy it is to leverage this new feature.

Setting Up Pre-purchase Upsell Discounts

Start by choosing a product for your pre-purchase upsell.

Whether you select an “Upgrade” offer (replacing an item in the cart) or an “Add to Order” offer (adding an item to the cart), the discount options are the same.

In the left-hand menu of the editor, click on “Buy Box” to expand the options then scroll down to “Discount”.

Choose Discount Type

Pre-purchase upsell discounts are disabled by default. To enable this feature, choose from 3 discount types*:

  • “Compare At” Price (ex: $25.00 $20.00)
  • Percentage Discount (ex: 20% Savings!)
  • Fixed Amount Discount (ex: $5.00 Savings!)

This will determine how your discount displays in the offer pop-up — just use the preview window to see how it looks!

Which discount type converts best? Check out Ezra’s split test case study from his $100 million Shopify store.

(*The discount amount you set here will only apply to this offer and not to other items in the cart.)

Avoid Conflicts with 3rd-party Apps

In order to add a discount to a pre-purchase upsell product at checkout, OneClickUpsell creates a Shopify draft order.

Please keep this in mind when using other 3rd-party apps that utilize draft orders or automatic discounts, as there could be a conflict that stops more than one discount from appearing at checkout.

Make sure to read our detailed tutorial on pre-purchase upsell discounts in the Zipify Help Section.

Read Help Article for More Info

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Non-OCU Users

If you’re not an OCU user and you want to increase your average order value with pre-purchase and post-purchase upsells, start your free 30-day trial now.

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