Unsplash Integration: Access 2 Million Free, High-Resolution Images Inside Zipify Pages’ Image Library

Hey there, Zipify community members (and hello to the newcomers as well!).

Brittany here, and I’m thrilled to tell you about the new integration between Unsplash and Zipify Pages

Unsplash has a catalog of over 2 million free, high-resolution images to use on your website…

And with this new integration, you can now access this catalog directly from the Zipify Pages Image Library.

Use this integration to:

  • Save time and money when finding images
  • Complement your products, content and overall branding
  • Increase the visual quality and professionalism of your landing pages

Let’s dig deeper into why you should take advantage of this integration and use it inside of Zipify Pages.

Why You Should Use the Unsplash x Zipify Pages Integration

Save Time and Money. 

Instead of using a service like Getty Images that makes you pay to access most of their image catalog, hiring a photographer, or trying to take these pictures yourself (we all like to think of ourselves as amateur photographers, but come on guys, let’s be realistic)… 

Unsplash saves you time and money by giving you access to a catalog of over 2 million free, high-resolution photos to use on your website.

And you don’t need to download or upload anything to use Unsplash —  the images are accessible right from the Zipify Pages Image Library. 

Complement Your Products, Content and Branding.

Unsplash specializes in secondary images that accentuate the product or message you’re trying to convey to your customers.

For example, if you sell swimsuits you could search for “Beaches” to access a ton of high-resolution images like these:

Image of Unsplash's search results for "beaches".

The same goes for if you’re writing a piece of content about snorkeling, or if you sell seashell necklaces and you want to improve the branding on your pages. 

Increase the Visual Quality and Professionalism of Your Landing Pages.

In 2021, the bar is much higher than it was 10 years ago — even 5 years ago — when it comes to what customers expect a website to look like:

Image comparing a poorly designed website to a well-designed website.

Those blurry images and cheap stock photos might have been okay back then, but now, customers are used to seeing well designed pages that use high-quality images.

And with this new integration, it’s easier than ever to up-level the overall appearance of your site.

How the Unsplash Integration Works

The entire Unsplash photograph catalog is now available inside the Zipify Pages Image Library

To access this section inside the page builder, click on the image element within your page block on the right-hand side panel, then click “Choose Image”:

Screenshot of the image options inside the Zipify Pages builder.

Next, select the “Unsplash Images” section and enter in your search term; images associated with that term will appear:

Unsplash Images section showing search results for "makeup".

Once you’ve selected an image, you have the option to crop & rotate it:

Image editor options inside the Zipify Pages builder.

Click “Confirm” to finish adding the image to your page! 

More Improvements to Zipify Pages’ Image Library

Our new Unsplash integration isn’t the only exciting improvement to Zipify Pages’ image library.

Recently, we also included more image options to our Dynamic Buy Box, added 4 new image features like Hover State and Multi-image Uploads, increased image load speed and improved our Image Editor.

To learn more about the Image Library inside Zipify Pages, refer to this help doc from one of our App Specialists.

Get Started Now with Unsplash x Zipify Pages

Quickly build out stunning product pages with professional imagery by using the new Unsplash x Zipify Pages integration! 

If you’re already a Zipify Pages member, the “Unsplash Images” section is now available inside the Zipify Pages Image Library. 

If you’re not a Zipify Pages user and you want to start leveraging conversion-proven templates with built-in high-resolution images on your store, visit the Shopify App Store to start your free 14-day trial. 

This is Brittany — thanks for reading!

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