(New Feature) Zipify Pages Image Library: Faster Load Speeds & Easy Organization

(New Feature) Zipify Pages Image Library: Faster Load Speeds & Easy Organization

We just added two major new features to Zipify Pages:

#1 Image Library – You can now upload and store images for easy organization and even faster page building.

#2 5mb Images – We also increased the max image size to 5mb to include higher resolution photography and improve page performance!

How the New Image Library Works

When you upload a new photo to any Zipify landing page it automatically saves it to your image library so you can access the image file whenever/wherever you want.

This saves you the trouble of finding and re-uploading the same image files again for every new page you create, and organizing your new library is simple with sorting options for “most often” and “most recently” used.

We also built in 1. New crop settings for popular aspect ratios, 2. A new shape tool, and 3. The ability to rotate your images for added flexibility.

How to Get Faster Page Load Speeds

The increase in image size to 5 megapixels does more than give you the ability to display higher resolution photos for your products…

It also allows us to automatically optimize your images across all major devices like iPhone, desktop and tablet.

Now when you upload a new photo to your image library, the app will automatically create the optimum resolution for the viewer’s screen size.

This is key to faster loading speed for your website and improving performance on your landing pages.

Adding 5mb Images to Your Library

Take advantage of the new image library and optimization features by adding (or updating) any photo on your Zipify page.

If you want Zipify Pages to automatically optimize the size and resolution of your existing images across multiple devices, you will need to re-upload these manually so they can be properly added to your library.

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