[Case Study] 6 Lessons Kes Learned Using OneClickUpsell

“In 2022, OneClickUpsell was 20% of our overall total sales.”

— Kes, Eavara

Meet Kes — she’s in charge of managing the upsell funnels for Eavara, an organic skincare line whose catalog consists of 6 different products.

Last year, Kes was searching for ways to increase average order value when she stumbled across OneClickUpsell:

“We used Zipify Pages to build out eavara.com and had great success… So, when we heard that Zipify Pages had OneClickUpsell, we had to try it out.”

After installing OCU, setting up funnels, and letting time run its course — by the end of the year, OCU accounted for 20% of all sales!

“I cannot tell you that anything else was [responsible], other than OneClickUpsell. So that’s been a great success for us.”

During Kes’s upsell journey, she learned 6 lessons by split testing, interpreting stats, and monitoring trends that may prove useful for other users.

And now, she’s here to share them with us…

“I want to jump in and share our results and how I do the funnels… There’s so many different ways to use OneClickUpsell, so I love that.”

Kes’s Upsell Funnels and the 6 Lessons Learned

Kes currently has a funnel built for all 6 of her products. Since she’s not working with hundreds, even thousands of products, it’s easier to create and manage these funnels closely.

(Note: If you have a ton of products, here’s how you can simply OCU to use a single funnel for all your products.)

Now, let’s go over her funnels and the lessons you can learn from them.

#1. Customers Want Complementary Products Before Checkout

In the first pre-purchase offer for their night cream product, Kes is running a split test of a second night cream vs a complimentary eye cream.

With the night cream converting at 60%, it was the clear winner:

Kes's pre-purchase split test for the night cream vs. the eye cream, both at 10% off.

And although the discount was the same for both products, customers were more inclined to accept the complementary product instead of a second night cream.

“So rather than people wanting another night cream when they get offered another upsell, they would rather choose the eye creams.”

#2 Customers Want Percentages Vs. Dollar Discounts

In the next funnel, Kes is also split-testing the pre-purchase offer. The trigger product for this funnel is a moisturizer and the upsell is a complimentary eye cream.

In this case, one eye cream is $3 OFF and the other is 10% OFF, which translates to about the same amount. The only difference between these two offers is how they are presented to the customer:

“The conversion rate is ALMOST DOUBLE for 10% off versus $3 off…”

Kes's pre-purchase split test for two eye creams, one for 10% off and the other for $3 off.

#3 Even When the Dollar Amount Is A Lower Discount!

In another pre-purchase split test, Kes is testing a higher dollar-off amount as opposed to the percentage-off discount.

Putting the percentage theory to the test, the dollar-off amount is now $5 — much more than the offered 10%:

Kes's pre-purchase split test for two eye creams, one for 10% off and the other for $5 off.

“This is interesting. $5 off versus 10% off and nobody converted. So everyone wants the 10% off rather than $5 off, which is more than 10% [savings].”

Outcomes like this are gentle reminders that you should always be split-testing your upsells — you never know when a lower discount can give you a higher conversion rate.

And if you’ve been paying attention, then you know we can also chalk these results up to lesson #2.

#4 Customers Will Purchase A Product They Just Bought

Yes, Kes’scustomers like to buy complementary products, but don’t forget that offering the same product as an upsell is still a powerful strategy.

Especially when it’s offered as a post-purchase upsell:

Kes's single-item post-purchase upsell offer with a 15% discount.

When you want to upsell customers the same exact item they just purchased, there are two ways to accomplish this inside the OCU app:

  1. Manually select the item you want upsold, like Kes did.
  2. The other way is to use the new Dynamic Offers for pre-purchase. The “same” product Dynamic post-purchase upsell will be available in an upcoming feature release!

#5 Keep Split Testing Until You Have A Clear Winner

One thing about split testing is that you shouldn’t stop. In fact, you should continue split testing until you have a clear winner — and then do it again until you beat it!

“Our facial cleanser is our best selling product… This [test] is pretty 50-50, so I haven’t chosen a winner yet because we’re pulling in the same conversion rates.”

Kes's pre-purchase split test for two night creams one for 10% off and the other for $3 off.

In the example below, Kes is split testing night creams and both are performing too close to call a winner:

  • The night cream with 10% OFF has a 10.81% conversion rate, and…
  • The night cream with $3 OFF has a 10.26% conversion rate.

So in this case, it’s best to continue the test until you have more data.

#6. 10% OFF Is An Effective Discount Amount

As we look at another post-purchase split test, we can see the trend of 10% OFF continuing to be the winner in most of Kes’s OCU funnels.

Kes's post-purchase split test for two eye creams, one for 10% off and the other for $3 off.

“Offering the eye cream again, the 10% won. This is 15% conversion rate versus 3.23% conversion rate for $3 off versus 10% off.”

Is 10% off the ideal discount for your brand? Or do your customers prefer dollars to percentages?

The only way to find out is to follow Kes’s advice and split test these questions for yourself!

“Overall, a great experience with this app. I love it and I think anyone who’s selling through Shopify, online, e-commerce, should definitely, definitely try OneClickUpsell.”

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