New Feature! Pre-purchase Dynamic Offers: Same Product Upsells (OneClickUpsell)

Exciting news! 


We just completed the first major step towards making OneClickUpsell a fully automated upsell funnel builder. 


Say hello to our newest feature…


Pre-purchase Dynamic Offers: Same Product Upsell.


Now, when a customer goes to checkout with a trigger product in their cart, OCU can automatically create a pre-purchase upsell offering them more of the same trigger product and variation.


This feature is a preview of the brand-new AI technology we’re developing behind the scenes…  


And it’s the first of many upcoming dynamic offers designed to dramatically reduce the time it takes you to launch high-converting funnels on your store.


Okay, now let’s dive in… 


Start by creating your Pre-Purchase Upsell Offer inside one of the funnels:

The OneClickUpsell funnel builder dashboard.

Select the Same product as bought option (currently the only dynamic offer): 

The pre-purchase creator popup inside OneClickUpsell.

Once the offer is created, clicking on it will open the OCU page builder:  

The pre-purchase upsell page builder.

Here, you can make customizations to the pre-purchase offer, such as updating the: 


  • Font
  • Headline Color
  • Discount
  • Button Color
  • Countdown Timer & more! 

The pre-purchase upsell page builder with customizations.

Click SAVE to launch your new “Same Product” pre-purchase upsell, and you’re good to go!


New Things Coming To OneClickUpsell! 

More Dynamic Offers & Post-Purchase Upsell Capability

This “same product” dynamic offer is only the first of many new pre-purchase upsells coming to OCU.

We’re also working on adding new “different variant” and “best seller” upsells, too.  

And very soon, these awesome dynamic offers will be making their way onto OCU’s post-purchase upsells!


Smart Upsells Powered by AI (Coming Soon)

This is our most anticipated feature release, and we can’t wait to deliver it to you. 


Using your store’s data, soon we will be able to make data-driven recommendations for your store’s upsells… 


And create entire funnels for you based on your customer buying trends and more.


OCU’s always been powerful — but now it’s getting smarter, too!


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I’m Brittany — thanks for reading!


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