[Case Study] How Jennifer 2x’d Her Shopify Revenue in Just 1 Month — Without Ads! (Zipify Pages)

“Time is a factor. I’m a busy mom of two, I’m pregnant, money is a factor… With all of these things, Zipify has literally solved so many problems.”        – Jennifer Cervantes, Founder & CEO of Tough As A Mother Tribe

We’d like to introduce you to Jennifer Cervantes, Founder & CEO of Tough As A Mother Tribe.

With slightly over a year in business, Jennifer was finding it hard to decide where she should invest her money next to see larger returns.

“I spent time paying web developers and web designers and realized this is costing way too much money…”

Looking for a more affordable solution that would provide high-quality site design and functional features, she discovered Zipify Pages and almost immediately became a believer.

“The product pages have literally saved me hundreds, thousands of dollars because I’m not paying somebody to do it every time I need to make a little tweak or do something.”

In addition to saving on developer fees, Jennifer also:

  • Reduced work time
  • Doubled her revenue
  • Generated a budget for ad spend

Keep reading to learn how Jennifer made this possible using Zipify Pages!

Zipify Pages is so easy, “I’m pretty sure I could teach my four-year-old how to do it.”

One thing Jennifer appreciates about Zipify Pages is the easy usability.  

Being able to work inside the app quickly and efficiently has helped her free up more time in her day.

“Zipify [solved the problem] of saving me time and money, which is huge and has allowed me to put my time somewhere else that’s making more money for my business.”

After seeing how simple it was to create pages, build funnels, and use 3rd-party integrations, she felt confident she could take on the role as the sole designer of her site.

It is [so easy], I’m pretty sure I could teach my four-year-old how to do it.

Conversion-proven Templates & The 2-step Opt-in Funnel

Easy usability was the first sign that Jennifer could cut developer costs — the second sign was conversion-proven templates.

There are nearly 100 page templates in Zipify Pages that are designed to boost a specific metric or solicit a desired customer action, including:

  • Product pages
  • Presell pages
  • Home pages
  • Opt-in pages
  • Mini-sites, and so much more!  

Across every template there are conversion-proven elements that can be customized and saved as Favorites (saves block configuration) for easy plug-and-play.

I’m literally making more money in the first month by doing nothing else than converting the pages myself… and tweaking my homepage and not having to pay somebody.

Installing Zipify Pages was the only change Jennifer made to her business, which is why she credits the app for the growth of her brand.

“I’m not running any traffic or ads. So, I know that it had to do with the conversion when people came to my website, my homepage, and my product pages.”

And because of conversion-proven elements like the opt-in block, Jennifer started building her own 2-step opt-in funnels to grow her email list.

I have different funnels now I’m using to drag [customers] to an opt-in page, and then I create another landing page for the success message. And it’s so easy to integrate my CRM. It’s just amazing.

Here’s an example of the 2-step opt-in funnel:


Jennifer’s Results & Plans For The Future

Before I was using Zipify Pages, that month, I [made] $1,157. And then within the first month, I [made] $2,107.

In just 30 days, Jennifer was able to 2x her revenue and make an additional $1,000.

So, what’s next for Jennifer?

“Now I’m going to start using that money that I have for marketing since I wasn’t doing any marketing. So I am so excited for the future of my business.”

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This is Jeff — thanks for reading!

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