[Case Study] Eye-Opening Results: $32k With One Upsell Funnel (Zipify Brand Ambassador)

***This post shows functionality from OCU Legacy which is no longer supported by Zipify or Shopify, but this same functionality is available in OCU Native. Click here if you’re looking for up to date information about OneClickUpsell***

The app just works. it’s easy to follow, it’s easy to set up, and it’s one less thing for me to worry about, which definitely helps with the sleep at night.”
– Mark, Zipify Brand Ambassador
Mark is the Founder of Mantasleep.com, an ecommerce brand that specializes in comfortable sleep masks. Their mission is to give light sleepers mastery and control over their sleep.

Since discovering the OneClickUpsell app, Mark has generated an additional 10% in revenue and is using this extra revenue to grow his team and business.

Keep reading to see why Mark rests easy at night, knowing he’s in good hands. 🙌


The Strategy


Offering The Same Product

Using OCU, Mark quickly discovered that his customers love to purchase more of the same item they just bought. With this information in mind, he began offering customers a 20% discount if they add a second Sleep Mask to their order. As a result, he was able to generate a 6.85% conversion rate totalling over $24K. Impressive!

“This specific funnel has a 6.85% conversion for this product. It’s phenomenal. It takes 5 minutes of work to add this in. People love it…”

Split-Testing Different Products

Now that Mark discovered a winning system for offering his first upsell, it was time to find out what additional upsell products were best to offer next. Mark chose two items to conduct his split test, a third Sleep Mask and his Cooling Eye Cups.

Using the split-test feature, Mark immediately noticed a huge difference in the conversion rate between the two products. The Sleep Mask was converting slightly above 4% while the winner of the split-test, the Cooling Eye Cups, were converting slightly below 9%. That’s almost a 5% difference in conversion rate!

Altogether, Mark generated over $6K in revenue from this single split-test. Cha-ching!

“Without the split-testing feature we would never know this. But, because of this we do and we can now choose a winner.”

Implementing the Free Educational Content

Successful business owners know that continuing education is extremely important to remain relevant. Learning how to efficiently utilize the tools available to you is proven to increase productivity and results. The same rules apply to the OCU app, and Zipify provides the continuing education on how to leverage OCU to your benefit.

“Sometimes having a tool isn’t enough if you don’t really know what to do with it… With OCU, you get regular updates from the team, Ezra Firestone himself, and there’s just a ton of content that teaches you how to leverage the tool and really get the maximum impact.”
Mark was able to expand his knowledge of the OCU app and get conversion proven content from Ezra and the Zipify team. Some of the educational content available includes why subscriptions make great upsells, new features to improve your sales funnels, split-testing upsells, and much more!

“That’s what I find to be the most valuable part of being part of the Zipify experience and that’s why you should give OCU a go!”
Explore Zipify’s complete library of training resources here.


Results of Mark’s #1 OneClickUpsell Funnel:


  • Views: 14,230
  • Conversion Rate: 6.85%
  • Extra Revenue: Over $32,000
  • $ / Visit: $1.75

Earning over $32,000 with one upsell funnel is a monumental accomplishment for any business. For Mark, OCU produced eye-opening results and helped finance his opportunities to scale his business faster.

This extra revenue also put Mark at ease, assuring him that his business can remain self-funded and doesn’t require loans or outside investment.

“For myself personally, OCU has helped me to sleep better… As business owners we have a million things to worry about and this is an important area. The app just works!”

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