4 New Features: Improve Your Sales Funnel From Start to Finish!


Hey, Brittany here!

We just released 4 exciting new features for Zipify Pages and OneClickUpsell, including:

• Faster page loading with “Lazy Loading” (Pages)
• Dynamic cross-sells in the buy box (Pages)
• Integration with Shopify’s Automatic Discounts (OCU)
• Pre-purchase upsells in the shopping cart (OCU)

With these new features, you can improve your sales funnel from start to finish to increase conversions and boost your AOV.

Keep reading to find out how.

Dynamic Buy Box Cross-Sells (Zipify Pages)

We noticed a lot of ecommerce business owners sell “sibling” products — i.e., two or more products that complement each other. You know, the shirt with the matching hat, the shampoo with the matching conditioner… That sort of thing.

With these business owners in mind, we added dynamic buy box cross-sells. Now you can offer complementary products right on the product page! Our testing even concluded that 5-30% of customers will accept this cross-sell depending on how relevant it is to the main product. That’s a huge increase in sales!

(To learn how to add cross-sells to your Zipify Pages, click here.)

Lazy Loading (Zipify Pages)

No one likes sitting at their computer waiting for the page to load. Patience may be a virtue, but c’mon!

With Lazy Loading, your pages will load faster than ever. This upgrade prioritizes the loading of page elements that are visible to your customers before moving on to the elements below the fold.

Quicker load speed means a better user experience, resulting in a lower bounce rate. (That’s a big win.) Plus, no action required is on your part to activate this new feature — it’s already live on your store!

Pre-Purchase Upsells (OCU)

Have you ever heard the saying, You miss every shot you don’t take? Well, in ecommerce you miss every sale you don’t offer!

With pre-purchase upsells for OCU, you can now make additional offers right on the cart page. These offers can either add a product to your customer’s cart, or replace the item in their cart with an updated product.

(To learn how to add pre-purchase upsells to your OCU upsell funnels, click here.)

Automatic Discounts (OCU)

Nobody wants to do work they don’t have to. That’s the beauty of automation. And when your customers arrive at checkout, they’d probably prefer to have their discounts added automatically instead of entering them manually.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that you can now use Shopify’s Automatic Discounts on your OCU checkout. Offering discounts is the #1 way to incentivize purchases, and with this new feature, you can do it seamlessly in your sales process.

This feature has been automatically added to OneClickUpsell, so there’s no setup required. It’s just another way we can make your life easier and help you capture more sales.

NOTE: For any users with pre-purchase upsells in place, please ensure the following option remains enabled in your OCU Pre-Purchase Settings. If you disable this option, Automatic Discounts and any other discounts added during checkout will not be applied:

(To learn how to apply Shopify’s Automatic Discounts to your store, click here.)

How It All Comes Together

By now you might be thinking, “These features are great, but how do I use them together if I have both Zipify Pages and OneClickUpsell?”.

Let’s take a closer look at how these features come together to help you enhance your customer experience and increase your average order value.

Imagine the following scenario:

1. A potential customer arrives at your sales page. With Lazy Loading in place, your landing page loads immediately and the customer consumes your offer with piqued interest.

2. Then the customer sees the dynamic buy box cross-sell offering a product that is complementary to the one they’ve already shown interest in. They take the cross-sell and add both products to their cart.

3. The customer is directed to the cart page, where they see your pre-purchase upsell. Because it’s another product that is relevant to them (based on what they already have in their cart), they’re tempted to take it. But they hesitate…

4. Fortunately, you added an Automatic Discount to this offer to incentivize more purchases, and the deal is too good for them to pass up. They take this offer as well.

5. The customer completes their initial sale, and they arrive on your OCU post-purchase upsell page where they accept your final upsell offer. (Sure, not every customer will add 3 extra products to their order, but we can dream!)

How You Can Start Using Zipify Apps

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