Case Study: How Tacticalories Scorched Past Last Year’s Sales in Just 30 Days

Case Study: How Tacticalories Scorched Past Last Year’s Sales in Just 30 Days

Kurt Elster of The Unofficial Shopify Podcast caught up with Tacticalories CEO, Casey Bard, and grilled him on how he scorched past last year’s sales in just 30 days using the conversion-tested templates in Zipify Pages.

“People are coming there to buy a Buffalo sauce for $11 when they can buy Frank’s for $2… I have to give them a really good experience,” Casey said.

Using Zipify Pages, Casey was able to leverage high-quality landing pages to build his presale email list and increase his average order value.

Digest the full story in this new case study.

Store History

Tacticalories specializes in small-batch, craft seasonings and sauces.

With no developer on staff and no background in coding, Casey had very few options when it came to updating his site in anticipation of a new product release. At most, he would update the images and copy on the new product page.

But he knew he needed to spice things up and offer a better customer experience by making the website branding match the new product.

And while his past product launches consisted of directing users to a basic product page,

Casey was looking for a more lucrative funnel for releasing new products and building anticipation with his most engaged users.

So he decided to implement a new strategy that would make his products stand out and his pages sizzle, while also changing the way he promoted his launches.

Here’s what he did.

The New Strategy

Casey first heard about Zipify Pages by recommendation from Kurt Elster. After taking Kurt’s advice and getting the app, he was able to implement 5 branches for his new product release: Homepage, Landing Page, Email, Social, and Product Page. Little did he know, things were about to heat up. 🔥

#1 Homepage

With Zipify Pages’ built-in feature, Casey was able to use a product-release landing page as his homepage during the presale period, allowing for more promotion-specific content to generate customer intrigue. (Once the presale is over, replacing the old homepage is as easy as flipping a switch.)

Small details like modifying the website branding to match the new product’s label design also made a huge difference. This grabs the customer’s attention the moment they land on the site, and returning customers who are familiar with his site could immediately tell something special was happening.

Included in the image element is the ability to set destinations for your image. Using this feature, Casey directed customers who clicked on his homepage images to the first page in his Early Bird Product Launch Funnel.

(To learn how to use a Zipify Page as your homepage, click here.)

#2 Early Bird Product Launch Funnel (Landing page)

This funnel is perfect for building brand awareness and anticipation for a new product release. The two templates included are the Early Bird Opt-in Page and the Early Bird Thank You Page, and both are optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile.

The Early Bird Opt-in Page allowed Casey to add his customers to his Klaviyo email list while keeping the theme of his new product’s colors consistent. He understood collecting customer emails is crucial to customer engagement, follow-up content and sales.

After opting in, his customers were sent to the Early Bird Thank You Page. This is where Casey thanks his customers and communicates the value of what he’s offering and when it will be available.

(You can see a full blog post on our Early Bird Launch Funnel here.)

#3 Klaviyo Integration (Email & Social)

Once Casey collected the emails, he knew he had to follow up with potential buyers until the release date of the new product.

Here are the 3 emails he sent:

1. “TY / Follow Us on Social” (increasing social engagement and brand awareness)
2. Images of the upcoming product (building anticipation and purchasing interest)
3. “Why Buy from Us?” (includes a link to the Product Launch Page)

At this point, Casey had succeeded in generating buzz around his product. The next step was to start the sale.

(Learn how to connect Klaviyo or other integrated CRMs here.)

#4 Customized Product Page

Now that Casey was ready to release his new product, it was time to use the Product Launch Page.

Using the blocks and features found in Zipify Pages, he was able to continue brand matching throughout the funnel while building confidence in his product and company:

1. Using the theme’s header/footer on ZP page for brand matching
2. Adding a countdown timer to incentivize customers to buy
3. Images and buttons that link to the on-page buy box

4. High-quality images of ingredients added via image blocks
5. Customer testimonials for brand confidence

6. Buy boxes that pull in product catalog information

With the buy boxes, Casey offered bundles of his product to increase his average order value. Since Casey typically sold his sauces by the bottle, the bundle option (with a free-product incentive) was even more reason to act now and buy.

The Results

By adding Zipify Pages and using the built-in Klaviyo integration, Casey was able to whip up a recipe for success!

With his new sales funnel in place, Casey scorched past last year’s sales by running 1-2 product releases a month (and that doesn’t include residual sales).

Just think, with no developer on staff and no background in coding, Casey created every page in his new sales funnel, built a bigger following, and generated product anticipation for his product.

This is a perfect example of how someone can advance the direction of their business when they implement new strategies and utilize conversion-proven templates.

If you’d like to learn more about Tacticalories, visit and take your food’s flavor to the next level with one of their tasty sauces or spices. Yum!

If you’re not a Zipify Pages member and you’d like to leverage these same landing pages on your Shopify store (or any of our other high-converting templates), start your membership today at

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