[Case Study] “Worth Its Weight in Gold” – Why This Zipify Pages User Loves Our Shopify Landing Page Builder

“With Zipify Pages, you are assured of [design and performance] before you even start. You’re at the cutting edge of what’s actually working in ecommerce, without having to go through all the hassle of testing, knowing if it works in the first place.”

Zaheer Khatri, Learning Roots

Meet Zaheer, the owner of a business called Learning Roots that makes educational material for Islamic children. 

Zaheer was feeling overwhelmed by the hundreds of decisions that go into making an effective landing page. The creation process felt slow and tedious, and it delayed the launching of his campaigns.

So Zaheer was super happy when he found Zipify Pages to help streamline the process of building pages for his Shopify store.

Now, he can launch pages quickly and easily using our intuitive drag-and-drop builder and library of proven templates.

That’s probably why Zaheer says Zipify Pages is worth its weight in gold”, and why he became a Zipify Ambassador. (Want your story on the Zipify blog? Apply now!)

Keep reading to learn why Zaheer attributes a big chunk of his success to Zipify Pages.

Life For Zaheer Before Zipify Pages

Before Zaheer discovered Zipify Pages, he used to spend a large chunk of his time creating industry standard landing pages and keeping them up to date.

“We went through so many iterations, but… it was so time consuming. It was taking us forever to get a basic landing page up because we were forever tweaking things.”

Every minute spent reediting a page took time away from another part of the business. And with no easy way to build pages, it was much harder to release products and run promotions. 

“When we’ve got a product launch coming along, we want to deploy as quickly as possible, but it’s just not possible with [the old] systems.”

In addition to these obstacles, Zaheer and his team had to think beyond page building to pair their created page with a campaign and that campaign’s goals. 

With no easy way to split test pages and without a model to base their expectations off of, there was no guarantee their campaigns would convert.

This made streamlining their growth more difficult and posed more of a headache than a working solution. 

Life For Zaheer After Discovering Zipify Pages

Once Zaheer switched to Zipify Pages, the difference was eye-opening: 

“When Zipify Pages came along, we had a shock because we looked at the system and.. all the blocks that are there are pre-built, and we realized this is a breath of fresh air.”

Here’s what Zaheer loved about this landing page builder:

Landing Pages Are Optimized For Mobile

One thing Zaheer found helpful was that each page comes mobile-ready, leaving time to focus more on what matters when it comes to design. 

“The things that we shouldn’t really be messing with, like how the block should look on mobile, we didn’t have to worry about those things anymore because those pre-built blocks were just amazing.”

Landing Pages Incorporate Industry Best Practices

In addition to mobile-ready pages, he enjoyed having complete confidence in the value each block brings to the table. 

That’s because we incorporate industry best practices right into the app! 

“Zipify Pages gives you something that I think no other landing page or builder does, and that is access to best practices. Because the blocks that Zipify loads into their pages are things that have already been tested on the stores that they run themselves.”

“So whether it be like, for example, some animation on buy buttons, whether it be things like sold out captures, whether it be things like a secondary page pop-up after a certain button is clicked, all those sorts of things that we don’t have time to figure out.”

Copy Proven Landing Pages or Entire Funnels

Most of our templates and page blocks come directly from our 8-figure sister company, BOOM! By Cindy Joseph. When a page or block performs well in our tests, it gets added directly into the app for all of our users. 

Copying our proven pages is a lot better than starting from scratch! 

For example, if you wanted to run a lead magnet opt-in campaign without Zipify Pages, you would need to:

  • Create the opt-in page and thank you page 
  • Add an opt-in form block to the opt-in page 
  • Connect the form to a list in your CRM service so it can collect the leads

To build this funnel from scratch would annoy most business owners and cost them big bucks to get it done. 

But with Zipify Pages, not only are there templates for opt-in pages and thank you pages, we also support all the major CRMs.

These assets help take the heavy lifting out of running campaigns and make it easier to promote them more frequently. 

“You are assured of [design and performance] before you even start. You’re at the cutting edge of what’s actually working in ecommerce, without having to go through all the hassle of testing.”

In the end, Zipify Pages was exactly what Zaheer needed and it continues to make life easier for him and his team. 

“In the end, we couldn’t be happier.

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