(New Feature) “Sold Out View”: Copy This Funnel to Grow Your Email List & Capture Lost Sales

One of the biggest fears for store owners is losing a sale that they could have prevented losing —

Especially when it’s due to a product being sold out on a product page that is still generating a ton of views

Fortunately, this problem is now a thing of the past!

Thanks to the all new: “Sold Out View” for Zipify’s Dynamic Buy Box & Dynamic Product Section.

Keep reading to see how we generated over $149K in additional revenue with this new feature for Zipify Pages, and how you can copy our “Sold Out” Funnel on your Shopify store. 

Zipify’s “Sold Out” View: How it Works

Previously, there was no way to automatically update a landing page when a product went out of stock. This meant you were in danger of losing sales until the page was updated or the product was back in stock.

Sure, there was a workaround to this issue, but it was tedious: 

We had to manually add a script to the page to have a different block show when a product sold out. Then we would have to go back and remove the script when the product was back in stock.

But with the new “Sold Out View” for Zipify Pages, when a product goes out of stock you can automatically hide that product block and replace it with another block that was previously hidden. 

This means you can now: 

  • Get value from any traffic being sent to a “sold out” product page.
  • Continue to promote offers and build anticipation even when a product is out of stock. 
  • Not worry about forgetting to update your pages (it’s done automatically!).

How To Use Zipify’s “Sold Out View” 

When a product is out of stock, you can now replace your normal Buy Box with
any other Zipify block, giving you the flexibility to meet a variety of goals.

To use this feature, just go to your Buy Box and click the settings icon in the top-right of the block to open the block settings. 

(If the page doesn’t have a Buy Box, you will need to add one and select a product for it. For more information on this step, visit Zipify Pages: Dynamic Buy Box.)

dynamic buy box inside Zipify Pages editor

Go to the “Sold Out View” section and check the box to enable it. Then choose an existing block from the page, and save:

Dynamic buy box "sold out view" settings inside Zipify Pages editor

If you don’t have an existing block on your page, you will need to add one. This block will be hidden when the product is in stock and visible when it is out of stock

We recommend adding it above or below the Buy Box block so it appears in the same location when the switch is made.

Now, let’s look at how we’re combining this feature with an Opt-in Block to create our “Sold Out” Funnel. 

BOOM!’s “Sold Out” Funnel: How We Generated $149,000 in Extra Revenue 

Now that we can automatically update a sold out product with an updated Zipify block, we’re using this feature in our “Sold Out” Funnel to: 

  • Build anticipation for our sold out products. 
  • Grow our email list. 
  • Generate extra revenue. 

We’re using the “Sold Out View” to display an Opt-in Block where the sold out product would have been, and any viewer who enters their email address is added to our CRM database. 

Want to copy this funnel?

After you’ve enabled the “Sold Out View” for your Buy Box and selected an Opt-in Block as the replacement, the next step is to configure the form.  

Under the CRM Settings for the Opt-in Block, you can select your email provider, mailing list, form options, post-submit options, etc.

CRM Settings popup inside Zipify Pages editor.

In our CRM Settings, we selected Klaviyo and connected our “Sold Out” mailing list. (We recommend having a list in your CRM created specifically for the “Sold Out View” subscribers.)  

For the post-submit action, we decided to send subscribers to the Opt-in Thank You Page.  

And when it all comes together on the live site, we have a complete funnel!

Here’s how the product page looks when the product is in stock:

Boom gold product page displaying the dynamic buy box

When the product is sold out, the Buy Box is replaced by an Opt-in Block:

boom gold product page showing opt-in form

Once the viewer subscribes to our list, they’re presented with the final page in this sequence, the Thank You Page

the boom gold opt-in thank you page

Then, when the product is back in stock, we send follow-up emails to our “sold out” subscribers to direct them back to the product page and convert them into buyers.

Let’s take a look at how well this funnel performed for BOOM!.

BOOM!’s “Sold Out” Funnel: The Results

When BOOM!’s facial scrub was back on the shelves, we sent a “back in stock” email to every subscriber that had opted in using the “sold out” block.

Here’s a closer look at how this email performed: 

  • Received by 579 Subscribers
  • 52.1% Open Rate
  • 33.8% Click Rate
  • Approx. $7.5K in Revenue

Boom scrub's mailing results in klaviyo

To put this “Sold Out” funnel to the test, we used it to announce the return of another product (Boom Bright) that was previously out of stock.

And because Boom Bright was so popular, we didn’t just email the subscribers of our “sold out” block — we emailed everyone who subscribed in the last 120 days. This allowed us to test the funnel’s performance on a larger scale. 

Here’s how the BOOM! Bright “back in stock” email performed:

  • Received by 15,000 Subscribers
  • 41.7% Open Rate
  • 29.7% Click Rate
  • Approx. $141K in Revenue

Boom bright's mailing results in klaviyo

Once we saw these amazing results, we knew we had to add the “Sold Out View” to Zipify Pages for everyone to use!

Get Started Now

With this new “Sold Out” View, you now have the ability to generate email leads and secure future purchases when a product is out of stock.

And since the feature is automatic, you don’t have to think about it. You can focus on other aspects of your business then circle back with subscribers to secure the sale. 

If you’re a member of Zipify Pages, log in now to start using the “Sold Out View” along with our other exciting Buy Box features. (And when you succeed with this funnel, please reach out to us at help@zipify.com and let us know all about it!) 

Not a Zipify Pages member? Start leveraging conversion-proven templates on your store today: visit the Shopify App Store to start your free 14-day trial. 

This is Brittany — thanks for reading!


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