Zipify Pages’ New HTML Block: Our Biggest Update Yet!

Zipify Pages’ New HTML Block: Our Biggest Update Yet!

With this new HTML block, our developers have opened up Zipify Pages to a whole new level of user customization.

The possibilities are virtually unlimited.

Just copy & paste the embed code into the block to add any software or widget to your pages, no integration required.

Google, Facebook, Instagram and 1,000s of other third-party apps are now available to use on your Zipify landing pages.

And here’s what it means for your store…

You Can Now Add Things Like:

  1. Custom styling
  2. Review widgets
  3. Contest & giveaway blocks
  4. Picture galleries
  5. Social media feeds
  6. Opt-in forms
  7. Surveys blocks, and MORE

You can literally add anything with an HTML embed code onto a Zipify Page.

More Power Than Ever

Want to display your Instagram feed for social proof? No problem.

How about using a calendar app to schedule meeting times with clients? Easy!

And for anyone with a brick and mortar, Google Maps is now just a few clicks away.

If used together, Zipify Pages and our new HTML block give you more power than ever to build exactly the landing pages you want (in a fraction of the time).

This new feature is available now for all Zipify Pages members…

And we’re super excited to see all the cool pages you build with it!

If you’re not yet a Zipify Pages user, sign up now at

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