6 New Features: Cross-Sell Highlights, Dynamic Image Destinations, FAQ Drop-Down and More (Zipify Pages)

Hey, Brittany here!

Quick question: How captivating are your product pages?

More and more business owners are starting to realize that how you present a product is just as important as the value of that product.

If the product page isn’t functional enough and appealing enough to entice the viewer to make a purchase, they’ll never know how good your product truly is (because they won’t buy it).

That’s why we just released 6 new attention-grabbing features for Zipify Pages:

  1. The Sticky Buy Button 
  2. FAQ Accordion Drop-Down 
  3. Cross-sell Offer Highlights 
  4. Dynamic CTA Image Destinations 
  5. “Best Value” Offer” Block Highlights 
  6. Format Copying Options For WYSIWYG Editor

To find out how these upgrades can attract more eyeballs to your offers and increase conversions on your store, watch the video above or keep reading.

1) The Sticky Buy Button

This new feature for the Dynamic Buy Box keeps your call to action visible and clickable as viewers scroll on mobile, eliminating the need to scroll back to the top of the page to complete your desired action. 

Click here to learn how to add Mobile “Sticky” Buttons. 
image of mobile "sticky" button

Just recently, in a 3-way split test performed by Ezra Firestone, the Sticky Buy Button was the clear winner after it increased conversions 9%.

See the full split test case study here

2) FAQ Accordion Drop-Down

What questions do you receive about your products? Do customers want to know how long it will last? Where the ingredients come from? If your packaging is sustainable?

With the new FAQ According Drop-Down, you can address your most-asked questions right in the buy box under the call to action button. That way, customer can get the answers they need right away and complete their purchase.

image of the buy box FAQ drop-down

To learn how to enable this feature, visit the Layout Tab in the Dynamic Buy Box help section. 

3) Cross-Sell Offer Highlights

Using a contrasting color to highlight your buy box cross-sell is guaranteed to draw more attention to that offer. Take a look at the image below to see for yourself! 

image of the highlighted cross-sell

Visit the Cross-Sell Tab in the Dynamic Buy Box help section to learn more. 

4) Dynamic CTA Image Destinations 

Now you can set the images in your buy box to have the same destination as the buy box CTA button. For example: When a customer clicks your hero image (below) you can take them to the cart page. This does not apply to thumbnails in your carousel.

image of clickable buy box image

To see this new feature in action, watch the video above (1:37).

5) “Best Value” Offer Block Highlights 

Similar to the cross-sell update above, you can now use background colors to highlight offers in your “Best Value” Offer Block. 

Just look at how much this offer stands out!

image of highlighted best value offer section

Learn more by visiting the “Best Value” Offer Block help section. 

6) Format Copying Options for the WYSIWYG Editor

Don’t you just hate it when you copy and paste text and the format is all wonky and illegible? Us too! 

That’s why we added two new options to the WYSIWYG editor:

  • Copy Text Only (copies text but not formatting)
  • Copy Paragraph & Styles (copies text and formatting)

image of format copying options

Start Using These New Features

If you’re already a Zipify Pages member, log in now to check out these 6 new features.

But before you do, would you also do us a huge favor and leave an honest review in the Shopify App store? It helps us connect with other business owners just like you! 

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