The “About Us” Sales Page: A Content-Forward Approach to Converting Cold Traffic

The “About Us” Sales Page: A Content-Forward Approach to Converting Cold Traffic


With Zipify Pages, it’s our mission to make it quick, cheap and easy to create high-converting funnels for your store…

And that all starts with tested and proven landing page templates.

Well we have exciting news: Zipify Pages just released ecommerce expert Mike Jackness’ biggest money-making page template from his 7-figure store.

See how Mike improved the traditional Shopify product page with his “About Us” Sales Page — creating a more compelling offer for his visitors by giving them more content and more reasons to buy.

Traditional product pages, and the problem of cold traffic.

Mike and his team at ColorIt found that, while their traditional Shopify product pages do work, these pages can only do so much to sell their products.

Generally, these pages are structured around “selling” instead of providing valuable content, and are limited in the amount and variety of information they can provide…

And this can deter some visitors, especially when you’re selling to a colder audience.

So Mike created his own product page — the About Us Sales Page — to solve this problem.

Mike’s new content-forward sales page.

Let’s assume that if someone lands on your page — even if they don’t know your brand — they are at least somewhat interested in your product.

Now it’s your job to give them more: tell them who you are, what your company stands for and why they should buy from you.

And the “About Us” Sales Page allows you to do that very easily.

Here’s the structure of Mike’s template:

“ABOUT US” VIDEO – It makes sense that this template is called the “About Us” Sales Page, because it starts off with a video about your brand. Video is some of the most consumed content on the web, and it’s the perfect format for telling your visitor more about yourself.

IMAGE GALLERY – Now that you and your visitor are acquainted, bring attention to the product with high-quality images and short descriptions about what your product is, why it’s unique and why they should buy it.

Mike says, “We show this in clear detail so people can have that ah-ha moment of, ‘Wow, that is actually pretty cool, I’d love to have a book like that.’ ”

PRODUCT VIDEO – The visitor knows what your product is, now show it in use. Again, video gets high consumption, and there’s nothing like seeing a product in action.

USER-GENERATED CONTENT – Social proof is extremely powerful. Of course you think you’re product is great, but visitors want to see other people like them who think it’s great via testimonials, selfies and video reviews.

OFFER BOX – Your visitor has seen your product and why it’s great — they’ve even heard people gushing about it — and now it’s time to give them a call to action and invite them to purchase.

YOUR GUARANTEE – If they’re still a little unsure, this section will put their mind at ease and assure them that this purchase is safe and risk-free.

How to use Mike’s “About Us” Sales Page

Mike’s “About Us” Sales Page is ColorIt’s biggest money-making landing page, and we encourage you to use this content-forward approach on your own product pages.

(Especially when dealing with colder traffic that doesn’t know your brand very well.)

To use this template on your store, open Zipify Pages, go to Templates and find the “About Us” Sales page

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