Two New Templates: Video Opt-in & Thank You Pages

Two New Templates: Video Opt-in & Thank You Pages

Hey I’m Ezra, the founder of Zipify Apps, Smart Marketer and one of the largest Shopify stores in the world, BOOM by Cindy Joseph.

Around 30% of revenue from our $20 million ecommerce store comes from email.

Marketers like to say there’s money in the list, which is true… But to me email represents more than just money.

It’s also a great communication channel for you to engage your community and build a stronger relationship.

And with Zipify Pages’ new Video Opt-in and Thank You Page templates it just got easier to add new and cheaper leads and expand your reach.

My Smart Marketer Case Study

This mobile-friendly opt-in page generated over $100,000 in high quality leads for my information publishing brand (Smart Marketer) at a ridiculously low cost of $5.92 per lead.

Now you may be saying to yourself, $112,000 for +19k leads at $5.92 each doesn’t sound all that cheap…

…And you’d be right for most markets. But not for the one I’m in.

At Smart Marketer, I’m in the business owners marketer where I offer high-ticket education courses, and in this market $5.92 per email lead is AMAZING.

In fact it makes this page the best converting opt-in template we have for getting people to join our list.

That’s why along with adding it to the Zipify Pages template library for you to use, it’s also replacing the opt-in page of my cosmetics brand.

Why It Works

The first thing you’ll notice about this page is how straight-forward it looks:

Headline, subheadline, big email opt-in box and a call to action button with perceived actionability:

why it works photo

And the reason this page is so successful is because of how simple and clean it looks on mobile.

Did you know that on average 85% of your website traffic comes from a mobile phone or tablet?

That’s why you must have a mobile-friendly opt-in page.

Visitors should be able to read exactly what they’re going to get — and what they need to do to get it — all above the fold.

And notice that all I’m asking for is an email address — I’m not asking for their first name, last name, phone number or anything extra.

Then if they want to scroll down the page, there’s more content about the offer followed by a second call to action button near the bottom.

Button Feature: Perceived Actionability

What is perceived actionability?

It’s a new features we built into all the buttons on Zipify Pages. With this feature enabled in your settings, anytime a user hovers their mouse over a call to action button it performs a small animation (like bouncing, shaking or pulsing) that invites them to click.

Some of the biggest ecommerce brands have added this feature to their marketing, and now you can take advantage of it in your store.

Just click on any button and select your favorite Animation from our “Hover State” settings.

Thank You Page: Success

But wait, there’s more! One whole extra Thank You Page more.

Thank you pages are important for a number of reasons, but the main technical reason we recommend sending them to a separate page after opting in is tracking.

We use this Thank You Page to trigger tracking events for our Facebook and Google accounts so we can measure how effective and profitable our ads were at creating leads.

This template is how you can track the performance of your ad creative and run ongoing optimization to get cheaper leads in the future.

Add These Templates Today

To add these new top-performing templates to you store, create a new page and go to templates > Opt-in Pages > Video Opt-in Page Template and Video Opt-in Thank You Page Template.

And for step-by-step instructions on how to link your Opt-in Page template with your Thank You Page template, scroll through the video above.

This page has been extremely successful for us, and we’re excited to finally make it available to you!

(If you aren’t yet a member of Zipify Pages, go to to start your membership today.)

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