4 Reasons Why This Shopify Coffee Brands Loves Zipify Pages

“We’ve had a way better conversion rate… We’ve had just a lot less abandoned carts… We’re very happy with it.”

-Tiffany Gardner, Marketing Director

Hi there! Meet Tiffany Gardner: 

“I’m a Marketing Director for a small family coffee roaster in Tampa, Florida called Java Planet Organic Coffee Roasters.”

Recently, Tiffany sent us a video sharing her success story with Zipify Pages, and told us the 4 reasons why she loves our landing page and sales funnel builder.

1. Easy Landing Page Customization

For small, growing businesses it’s so important to stay nimble and implement ideas quickly…

And having full control over the look and functionality of your website is a huge help in that department. Fortunately, “customization” is the name of the game when it comes to our page builder:

“I’ve been using Zipify Pages for about a year now. 

We have a store on Shopify and we were looking to increase our sales, and there were certain things we just couldn’t customize with our Shopify theme.

“So I came across Zipify Pages, and I’m really glad that I did!” 

And now that we publish directly into “/Products” on your Shopify store, you have even more flexibility with your offers. Check out this post to learn more.

2. Stellar Customer Support

When Ezra Firestone first decided to build a Shopify app company, one of his goals was to build a SaaS brand that would provide the best customer support in the industry. 

That’s why Zipify provides both chat support and email support, as well as video demos and SOP help documentation for every feature we build.

And clearly that dedication to customer service has made an impression on Tiffany!

“First of all, their customer support is absolutely amazing. 

Any time I needed help they were there and they saw me through whatever was needed so that I had the resolution that I wanted. 

It was absolutely best in class.

3. Helps With Subscriptions

One of the ways Tiffany looked to increase sales on her store was to make it easier for her customers to sign up for subscriptions.

“I really needed something to help with the customer journey and the streamlining of that customer journey, particularly on subscriptions.” 

The limitations of Tiffany’s Shopify theme made this difficult, but with Zipify Pages, she was able to create a custom page that streamlined the process.

“Instead of somebody having to click umpteen times to select what they wanted and get it added to their cart and create their subscription… 

I was able to take a page and put all of the products that you could subscribe to on one page so that it was far easier for someone to put together the subscription that they wanted, and that made a huge difference.” 

And recently, it’s become easier than ever to leverage subscriptions on your store because Zipify Pages now offers integrations with Shopify subscription apps like Bold Subscriptions and ReCharge.

4. Split Testing

While Zipify Pages comes with a template library full of the top-performing pages from Ezra’s $125 million ecommerce brand, BOOM! By Cindy Joseph…

We still encourage our users to follow this marketing mantra: test everything. 

So we make that easy with built-in split testing functionality right inside of Zipify Pages, which Tiffany is using to test her new subscription page.

“I love the split testing feature! And so, I split tested it during a sale against our regular collection page, and it did really well.

Tiffany says that most of the people who visit her site during a sale are existing customers who already know what they want… 

And now, with this new subscription page, they can quickly find what they’re looking for and move on to checkout.

“We’ve had a way better conversion rate.

Now I’ve actually made it a permanent feature. I call it my Express Shop Button, so people who are used to shopping with us who are just coming to place another order can hit Express Shop, see all of our products, quickly select what they want and check out. 

And so we’ve had just a lot less abandoned carts that way, and we’re very happy with it.” 

Looking for ideas to test on your landing pages? Copy Ezra’s recent collection page split that increased his revenue by $1.33 per visitor.

5. OneClickUpsell (Bonus)

To us, one of the best things about Zipify Pages has nothing to do with the app itself…

It’s the landing page builder’s seamless integration with its sister app, OneClickUpsell: our upsell and cross-sell tool for Shopify.

And Tiffany agrees:

“We’ve also been using OneClickUpsell. 

I get excited every time I log in and I look and I see how much we’ve sold through OneClickUpsell. 

It’s literally money that was left sitting on the table, and a customer — because they saw this upsell offer — decided to add it to their cart. 

So it’s definitely found money!

Similar to Zipify Pages, OCU also offers built-in split testing and subscription functionality

Okay, that’s it for this post. Thanks for reading. 

And thank you, Tiffany, for sharing your success story with the Zipify community!

“Zipify Pages has been absolutely amazing. I love the whole team, and thank you very much!”

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