(Split Test Results) Ezra’s New Collection Page Increases Revenue by $1.33 Per Visitor

Hey, it’s Ezra!  Good to see you again. 

To unlock the full potential of your site, you have to test every aspect of it. The data we collect from these tests is vital to our evolution as marketers and as merchants

And with the release of the new Zipify Pages Collection Block, it was time for me to evolve my collections page by running a 3-way split test.

But, before we take a closer look at the new Collection Block and its customizable options, let’s jump right into what most of you came for… my split test results!

Collection Page Layout Variations

Over the years I’ve had a ton of success with the collection page layout I used on BOOM!. 

It’s played a major role in helping me build my brand to 8 figures, and I was looking forward to split testing it against two of our newer templates.

Here’s a look at the Original collection page:

Ezra's split test variant: Original (3/1 Ratio)

Left: 3 Item Buy Box On Desktop / Right: Single Stacked Item On Mobile (Original)

As we developed the ability to create and publish product carousels, I began moving away from my original collection page layout to a more interactive one. 

Here’s a screenshot of the Carousel Variant:

Ezra's split test variant: Carousel Variant (3/1 Ratio)

Left: 3 Item Carousel On Desktop / Right: Single Item Carousel On Mobile (Variant)

Once we released the new collection block for Zipify Pages, it was the perfect time to test all 3 layouts to see which one reigned undisputed. 

Here is the 3rd collection page layout I used in my split test, the 4/2 Variant:

Ezra's split test variant: 4/2 Variant (4/2 Ratio)

Left: 4 Items Across on desktop / Right: 2 Items Across On Mobile (Variant)

Collection Page Split Test Results

Ezra's collection page split test results in Google Analytics

My Original collection page set the baseline with an average of $8.84 per visitor’s session. 

The Carousel Variant came in second with an average of $9.81, showing an increase of $0.97. Not bad! 

And as the undisputed winner, the 4/2 Variant generated the highest amount of revenue per session with a total of $10.17.

That’s $1.33 more per visitor above the baseline! 

Plus, this block is versatile and fits well on many pages like your sales pages, holiday landing pages, even your homepage.

A Closer Look At The Collection Block

Now that you know why you should start using the new collection block, it’s time to learn more about the functionality.

Watch as Zipify Director of Marketing, Jeff Wenberg, walks you through the possible configurations available for this block in the video below.

You’ll learn about the Collection Block’s: 

  • Product Per Row Options
  • Column Size Options
  • Mobile Stacking Options
  • 9 Customizable Block Elements, and more!


*The Collection Template mentioned in the video above is now available in Zipify Pages!

Get My Winning Collection Page Template! 

Are you ready to leverage my 4/2 Variant collection page layout on your site?

If you’re already a Zipify Pages user, create a new page and select the 4×2 Mobile Focused Collection Page template, shown here: 

Location of the 4x2 Mobile Focused Collection Page template in Zipify Pages.

If you’re not a Zipify member, we want to invite you to join our community! Visit the Shopify App Store or zipifypages.com to start your free 14-day trial.

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