Generate Recurring Revenue With ReCharge Subscriptions (New Zipify Pages Integration)

Hey, Brittany here from Zipify Pages…

For a lot of brands, the most important type of customers are repeat customers

Compared to first-time buyers, they’re 50% more likely to make another purchase and they have a 33% higher order value…

So facilitating these repeat purchases is essential to a brand’s success and longevity.

By simplifying the recurring payment process, subscription services have become a popular, fast-growing industry…

Which is why we’ve combined the power of a top subscription service with the conversion-proven templates of Zipify Pages. 

Introducing our new integration: ReCharge Subscriptions For Zipify Pages. 

Why ReCharge Subscriptions?

When we decided to build an integration that would allow subscription services to work seamlessly with Zipify Pages, we knew right away it would have to be ReCharge.

ReCharge sales page in the Shopify App Store

With ReCharge, you can:

  • Quickly enable subscription offers.
  • Improve customer relations.
  • Generate additional revenue.
  • Track subscription product performance. 

And with over 35 million subscribers in more than 180 countries, it was clear this new integration would serve the majority of our users and we were very excited to deliver it.  

How The ReCharge Integration Works

You can easily enable this new ReCharge integration with the flip of a switch!

Once you have ReCharge installed and configured on your Shopify store, navigate to the “Settings” tab and select “Integrations”. On this page you will see the option for “Recurring Billing by ReCharge”. 

Click the switcher and voila!

Zipify Pages integration settings showing the Recharge integration enabled

Now, the Buy Boxes containing your ReCharge subscription products will display the ReCharge options. 

Here’s an example of how the ReCharge widget will appear on the live page: 

Example of ReCharge widget on a Zipify page

Note: This integration will work with every Buy Box Block in Zipify Pages. 

To see the full list of integrations available in Zipify Pages, refer to this help doc from one of our App Specialists.

Get Started Now

The ability to offer subscription products on fully customized product pages will help you boost average order value and recurring revenue…

And with the new ReCharge integration for Zipify Pages, you can do this with just a few clicks!  

If you’re a user of Zipify Pages, log in now to start using ReCharge subscriptions on your product pages, along with our other exciting integrations.

If you’re not a Zipify Pages user and you want to start leveraging conversion-proven templates with subscription products on your store , visit the Shopify App Store to start your free 14-day trial. 

This is Brittany — thanks for reading!

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