TEMPLATE: Get Cheap Leads with ColorIt’s Long Form Opt-In Page

TEMPLATE: Get Cheap Leads with ColorIt’s Long Form Opt-In Page


Cheap leads that turn into paying customers — who wouldn’t want that?

So when ecommerce expert Mike Jackness showed us a landing page that was acquiring qualified leads at a very low cost, we knew we had to add it to our Zipify Pages template library.

Introducing: The Long Form Opt-In Page from ColorIt.

Why Use the Long-Form Opt-In Page?

We all know it can be hard to attract and maintain attention with our ads — especially on a platform like Facebook where your ad is interrupting the user experience, and when you’re an unknown branding offering an unfamiliar product.

This is why it’s useful to first increase awareness and build engagement before asking for the purchase.

So Mike and ColorIt.com came up with this strategy: They ran an ad offering 20 free drawing downloads in exchange for an email opt-in.

(You might be thinking, “20?! That sounds like a lot!” But it’s an important part of the strategy. Read on.)

This free-download campaign allowed Mike to:

  • Attract the attention of anyone interested in high-quality color books for adults (which ColorIt just so happens to sell)
  • Introduce people to the ColorIt brand and create good will by delivering value up front
  • Capture their email and pixel them, so ColorIt can market to these opt-ins over time and across different platforms.

And with the Long Form Opt-In Page, Mike is acquiring leads for as low as 25 cents per lead.

Not only that, but a lot of these leads are turning into customers due to an effective email marketing strategy.

How to Maximize the Value of Your Leads

So now that Mike has the email address, how does he maximize the value of these leads?

“Once someone decides to enter their email for the drawings, we don’t deliver all the drawings at once,” Mike says. “We give one out every other day for 40 days. This allows us to train this audience to look forward to getting our emails and opening them.”

And they use the days in-between to send other offers and relevant content about ColorIt.

The result: Over this 40-day period, they’re able to convert a large percentage of these opt-ins into paying customers.

Use This Strategy in Your Business!

Are you using an offer like this for your business? Well we encourage you to give it a try!

You can easily copy this strategy by finding your own free-download offer, and using this landing page to get started.

Watch the video for a full breakdown of the Long Form Opt-In Page, including all the elements on this page and the strategy behind them.

Then, if you’re a Zipify Pages user, log into your account and go to the template library to access this page.

If you aren’t a user yet but you’re interested in using this page on your store, visit zipifypages.com to start your membership today.

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