Optimize Your Pages with Mobile Editing

Optimize Your Pages with Mobile Editing


Mobile editing is now available on Zipify Pages!

When building a page in Zipify Pages, you can now choose which page blocks show up on desktop, mobile and tablet —

Which means you can easily optimize your pages to provide the user experience that best suits each device.

Now I want to quickly tell you how we used Mobile Editing to get a huge increase from our mobile traffic…

Customize Your Pages By Device

Recently, we ran an analysis of our site and found that the load time was too high on some of our most important pages. This was resulting in a slower speeds on our mobile devices (where we get a lot of our traffic), and presumably, in fewer sales.

Not only that, but we found that most of our mobile users were only scrolling one third of the way down our page. That’s a lot of content that was going unseen!

So we asked the question, How could we customize the website to the experience of our mobile users without affecting our users on desktop?

Thus, Mobile Editing was born.

Mobile Editing Split Test

We just optimized our mobile site using this tool, removing certain content blocks to increase page speed and show viewers our most important content sooner…

Resulting in a 10% lift in conversions, which should bring a $500,000 increase in yearly revenue.

And now this functionality is available to you inside of Zipify Pages.

Watch the video to hear more about our test and how to use Mobile Editing. Enjoy!

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