The Two-Step Sale: Single-Item Offer + Pre-Purchase Order Bump



We have a really powerful set of templates to announce today:

1. V-Day 1: Single Item Offer Page
2. V-Day 2: Pre-Purchase Order Bump

These templates are part of our two-step sale strategy designed to get your average order value up — way up.

When used together, they allow you to easily run a single item sale (step 1) with a pre-purchase order bump on a second page (step 2).

This approach was a big success during our 2016 Valentine’s Day Sale, generating hundreds of thousands in revenue for our brand. (It’s especially effective for stores with fewer SKUs that focus on flagship products.)

Watch the video to see how you can use these two templates to get between 20-30% of your customers to add a pre-purchase order bump to their order.

The Strategy Was Simple…

Step 1: Send traffic to a landing page that offered a 25% discount on our most popular product: Boomstick Color.

Step 2: Once they click “Add to Cart”, direct them to a second landing page where we offer the opportunity to “upgrade your order” by adding additional discounted products. 

30% of customers opted to upgrade their order to a higher-priced bundle, which doubled or tripled the value of their order and made us a ton more revenue.

Check out the heat maps for these two pages — along with the new dynamic product block and progress bar feature — in the video above.

Add One-Click Upsells for MORE Revenue!

By the way, many of the people who bought our pre-purchase order bump also bought our one-click upsell!

This is NOT a strategy to replace post-purchase upsells — and for best results, you should use this in addition to Zipify’s OneClickUpsell app.

From all of us at Zipify — please enjoy these new templates!

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